The Grow Stronger Chronicles #1 (Active Meditation)

Before I begin, I fully intend to share my plans with you about the current projects and activities I am engaging in now (since I have stopped making videos).  But I need to tell you a few important stories and give you some background information first.  If I skip telling these stories and providing you with this information, I may run the risk of being misunderstood.

These blog posts (which for now on I will simply number for you; 1, 2, 3, etc) will build the foundation for understanding my experiences and ideas which will prove as a vital resource to those who are either new to “Planet Hulse” or want to deepen their knowledge of such topics that I’ll discuss.

This series, or chronicle (not always in chronological order though), will also provide all of the information and resources that you will need in order to make a confident decision about investing in the book I am now writing.  The book, which I am calling The Grow Stronger Method (2nd edition) will give you all of exercises, instructions and action plans for implementing these methods into your life and on your journey of becoming the strongest version of yourself.

I am not writing this book to be a New York Times best seller or to make 100 million dollars, I am writing this book because it is my responsibility to do so.  All of the videos, on all three of my channels (1, 2 and 3), have touched slightly up these ideas, this book is my attempt to consolidate them and present them to you for practical use.  Everything else in my life and business is taking a backseat to this project because I know just how desperately many of our brothers and sisters need it.

Those of you wondering if I’ll make a come-back to YouTube videos in the future, know this… that once this book and the chronicle blog posts series are complete, I am confident that a video rebirth will be in order.  For now, I am only focused on one thing though, that is giving you all that I can through these written words.

I hope that these blog posts and the new book prove to be as empowering and resourceful as my YouTube videos have been.  And I look forward to continuing to walk with you on our journey of Becoming The Strongest Version Of Ourselves.

Keep Growing Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

Active Meditation 

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.19.30 PM

A year after marrying my high school girlfriend Colleen, we found ourselves living in the basement of her father’s home.

My parents had recently decided to move to Florida.  Actually, my “parents” didn’t decide to move… my father did.  My dad is as impulsive as I am.  So, after working for the same auto body shop and living in the same house for about 20 years, he comes home one day and basically tells my mom, “pack your shit, we’re leaving.”

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Why I Stopped Making YouTube Videos (2007-2014)

I’m sitting at a small desk facing a lake in the St. Petersburg (Florida) Public Library. I have a backpack full of books, my Panner Pad, a few protein bars and two bottles of Evian water.  I have a feeling that I’ll be sitting here for a long time today.

About seven years ago I use to sit in this very library writing e-books on health, strength and personal development.  I was also writing free reports to give away in order to attract leads for my personal training business, which grew into Strength Camp, and for potential customers of my e-books.

I taught myself how to write sales letters, create e mail opt-in forms, autoresponder e-mail series’, I taught myself how to create websites (using code! we didn’t have simple shit like wordpress back then), I used Adobe Fireworks to create graphics and edit images of football players, bodybuilders and strongmen for my new websites and products.

All of this I did on a used laptop that I bought for $700 at a pawn shop few blocks from the library.  I still remember the “card” I had to purchase for $60 that would allow the old laptop to connect to wi-fi.  The card was a big blue chunk of plastic that stuck out the side of the computer.  I was always at risk of snapping the card off the computer whenever I placed it in my backpack.

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Why The Lion MUST Lay With The Lamb

I’d like to share with you one of the many strange rituals I participate in when I’m feeling confused, ungrounded, lost… or just in need of mental / spiritual clarity.

If you’ve been watching my videos long enough, you understand what I mean when I say “Your Body IS Your Mind.” 

It has been my experience that through deep breathing and exercise, specifically exercises that elicit spontaneous movement in the body, we might be able to transcend the limitations of the ego and reach deep into our unconscious where there may be valuable pearls of wisdom laying for us to discover.

It has been through my practice of various forms of “body meditation” that I’ve come into contact with a powerful, non-linear intelligence that I believe guides my steps, weather I acknowledge it – or not. 

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Use “The Halo Effect” For Greater Influence, Better Relationships & An Amazing Life

By Ryan Magin
Creator Of: 51 Handsome Guy Secrets

What if I told you right now someone is judging you.

What if I told you right now how you look is effecting things like:

• How much money you are currently making.
• How much your friends trust you.
• How attractive you appear to women.


Let that sink in for a bit.

I Want To Let You In On A Little Secret…

A secret so powerful that massive advertising agencies are using it to manipulate you right this very moment…

Curious as to what it is…

It’s called The Halo Effect.

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Don’t change your style for ANYONE!

I’ve always had a pretty distinct style of dress.  Some might even say it’s

distinctly boring!

I routinely get made fun of for the short-shorts and outdated sandals I

usually wear (you’ve seen these puppies in my Instagram posts and videos).
Recently, I’ve discovered that the clothes you choose to wear speak

VOLUMES about who you are!

I’ve even heard someone say that “the clothes make the man.”

The clothes I usually wear… camo tank, quad-tight shorts, and sandals,

scream, “I’m too busy kicking ass to give a fuck what you think about me.

And it’s true!

My camo tank top says, “I’m a warrior ready to do battle, NOW!”
My short shorts say, “I might have to kick someone’s ass, and these shorts

keep my knees free for the kickin’.” (it also says, “check out my massive

quads” lol)

My sandals, well… they really just say “I don’t give a fuck!”

This style has worked well for me as a “gym-dwelling, video yelling, tire-

flipping, business-owning, no-one-tells-me-what-to-do (except the IRS)


I like my style and won’t change for anyone!

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Camo Tank Top Winners!

Hey, I’m just wrapping up a super empowering weekend here at Strength Camp.

I got so caught up in the awesomeness that I forgot to release this blog post featuring the winners of my Strength Camp Camo Tank Top contest.

Before I announce the winners, here is a pic from this weekend (I’ll be uploading the rest to my Facebook Fan Page later today)

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.28.26 AM


Below is an awesome pic with our friend at 1419m on Jonshornet in Norway!  Growing Stronger is a process of climbing the summits of inner and outer strength, this is a perfect depiction!

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Strength Camp Camo Contest

After years of requests, last July I decided to make the Strength Camp camo tank tops that you see me wearing in the majority of my videos available for purchase.


The camo tank tops were custom created, and only available though a single manufacturer.  Of course there are others who make similar shirts, but I wanted my people to have the SAME EXACT shirts I wear… no imitations!

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Best Of “Yo Elliott” WINNERS

After a successful era that took my YouTube channel from less than 100K subscribers in 2012 to almost 840K, making it one of the biggest and fastest growing strength / bodybuilding channels on YouTube, I announced last week that I’d no longer be creating new Yo Elliott videos for my Strength Camp YouTube channel.

What kind of person would someone pull the plug on a successful project at the hight of its growth? — The same kind of person who puts his life on the line, and risks everything he has to hearken the call of his heart; a call that set him on the very path of his current success.

To get where I am today, I consistently chose to honor the feelings in my body; I allow my heart and my gut to guide and inform me during every step of this journey.  My choice to end this series and move on comes from the same place.

As a result of choosing to end the series, I decided to hold a contest for the best “remix” video featuring videos from my two main channels.

There were over 130 entries, all of which were amazing in their own ways.

Many of the videos were centered around my strength training advice, but the overwhelming majority of them featured clips from videos where I simply spoke about how to LIVE.  Videos centered around courage, freedom, commitment, discipline, hard work, success and failure seem to have had the biggest impact on you (as you will see from the selection of videos and the playlist below).

Before announcing the winners…. I must admit, the videos you guys made for me were just as potent and inspiring to me, as the ones I created for you.  At this time in my journey, when I am once again forced to choose between logic of my head and the dangerous dictates of my heart, your videos have strengthened my resolve and the commitment to my heart.  Thank you :)

Now… on to the contest.

First, EVERYONE who entered the contest is a winner, and I’m not just saying that.  If you entered this contest, even if you are not the grand prize winner or runner-ups below, I have a gift for you.  In fact, its the most valuable gift that I can give – that is, my time.

I will be holding an “Open Gym BBQ” at Strength Camp in the coming months, that only YOU and a few others are invited to.  We will train during the day, and I’ll have a BBQ dinner for you that night.  All of the details will be sent to your YouTube Inbox, so please keep an eye out for that :)

Next, below you will see a link to watch all of the amazing entries.

You will also see the Grand Prize Winning Video by Nolan White.  I will be contacting you via YouTube Nolan to get your address to mail your new iPad Air.

Finally, I have chosen three other videos that were close runner ups.  Each of them represents a different angle and immense creativity.  Both Colleen and I spend hours choosing these specific videos, and we are glad to have such a great gift from you.  You are also invited to the “Open Gym BBQ” and I will be sending a package with a few of my favorite books and other cool things to you.  Please keep an eye on your YouTube inbox for details.


See all of the Yo Elliott video contest entries here.

#1 Grand Prize Winner

Runner Ups (in no particular order)

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Best of YO ELLIOTT video contest

What’s going on? 

As a way to bid the “Yo Elliott!” Q&A videos that I have been creating for the last few years good-bye… I am holding a contest for you to participate in.

How Do I participate?

Create a 3-4 minute “mash-up” video using any, and as many, of my videos from any of my 2 main YouTube channels. (you can find them here and here.).  Then upload your unique video to YouTube for public viewership.  Give the video your own title, but add [Best Of Yo Elliott] as a subtitle.  Example – “Grow Stronger Now! [Best Of Yo Elliott]“

I will search [best of yo elliott] in YouTube, that is how I will find your video, so make sure you add this. I will then add your video to a playlist on my channel where we can all watch them. (also, feel free to post your video on my Facebook wall if you’d like… but this is not necessary for participation)

My team (friends and family) and I will watch all the videos and our personal favorites will be the winners — so be as creative as you possibly can, use music and all of your best editing skills if you have em’.

***ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE NO LATER THAN MARCH 12th*** videos uploaded after March 12th will not be counted.  Winners will be announced on the following Monday.

What do I win?

GRAND PRIZE WINNER gets a brand new iPad Air.  I will have it mailed to you directly from Apple.  I also like to throw in a few surprise gifts, so you’ll be getting a ton of cool things that I personally choose :)


We will also choose a few runner-ups who will receive gifts too.  And everyone who participates will be recognized.

What else?

By participating in this contest, you are also giving me permission to upload your video to my Strength Camp YouTube channel with a link back to your channel.  This is a great way to build the subscribers and viewership of your own channel, an added benefit to participating!

Finally, I am eternally grateful to have you guys in my life.  I love serving you with these videos, and I am excited to see how you might take my words and create a fun, interesting and educational video re-mix that we can share with hundred of thousands of people to support them in Growing Stronger!

Good luck, and thank you!

-Elliott Hulse


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#elliottmeme Instagram Contest Winner(s)

Last week one of our Strength Camp Challenge sponsors stopped by the gym bearing gifts of bodybuilding supplements, shaker bottles, t-shirts, etc.

Since right now the only supplement I am using is Living Fuel, I decided to create a fun contest to give away the valuable box of protein shakes to someone who might be able to use it… rather than letting the box collect dust in a closet at my gym.

Originally I was just going to give away this box to the Grand Prize winner, but after the amazing outpouring of love in the over 700 images you’ve created, I decided that a single box of supplements was just not enough.

So, I have decided to not only send the box of supplements to the grand prize winner… I am also sending a gift package including a canister of Living Fuel to all of the “runner ups” that myself, Colleen and my best friends personally chose.

Again, a HUGE thank you everyone who contributed to this contest and to everyone on the Journey of Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself.  We are a small community with BIG intentions… and as each of us grow stronger we support others in finding and developing their own personal strength.

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