#1 Enemy To Your Success (how to defeat him)

Before I reveal who your #1 Enemy is, I’d like to remind you
that today is the last day of my Super Magnificent Birthday

You can have all of my strength and success secrets for less
than a tankful of gas… and I’ve “drilled my own wells” to
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I’m going to begin today’s lesson with what may seem as a
cliche question, that is….

“What is success to you?”

Chances are that your idea of success is severely influenced by
popular culture.

You probably see a fancy car, like a Cadillac or Hummer,
sitting in your driveway.

You’re probably wearing a watch that costs more than some
people yearly salary.

Your woman (or man) looks like she or he has been cut out
of some fashion magazine, complete with a plastic smile and
ridged, lifeless midsection.

I’m not sure about you… but all of this sounds more like
PRISON than success to me!

The amount of emotional and life energy required to uphold the
facade of modern success leaves most “go-getters” feeling
trapped and empty on the inside.

Me, I’d much rather a life of freedom. The “anchor” of things
and image have no appeal to me.

Instead, I see success as freedom to be, think and do whatever
I want… regardless of what anyone thinks or says.

Freedom from the fears, neurosis and limitations of the sick,
sad, over-weight, over-stressed, empty and depressed people I
see everywhere.

The #1 Enemy to this type of success (if that’s what you want)
is YOU!

As disturbed and neurotic as the people you see playing this
game of “success” are…

It is totally up to YOU to either join their game OR create
your own game, and play by your own rules!

When you actually sit down and dig deeper to discover what
success REALLY means to you, and then design your life around
achieving that reality…

Then you’ll really be a success (at least in my book)!

No one has EVER achieved the life of their dreams by imitating
others. Especially not by imitating the idiots on television.

The only way to live your dream is to first have YOUR dream.

Fuck what everyone else says or thinks ;)

The first book in this package tells you all about how I am going
about my life, by focusing on my dreams and living by my rules.
There might be some other good ideas in there for you too.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. I agree with you Elliot. I don’t think people should try to imitate others and strive for THEIR success, because in my opinion, the feeling of success is changing and fleeing. Do we see bill gates jumping out of joy and running around, because he’s the richest man in the world? No, we don’t. Do we see the usually rich people who are on TV constantly happily living? No. In fact, we probably don’t even see our rich friends (Assuming you know some) happy all the time, and some, at all.

    What I’m trying to say is that, in my opinion, money is not success, people should aim for something more meaningful, something that will stay with them and make them happier, truly, and their whole life, like improving their own body and spirit.

    Keep taking Elliot’s advice people!

    (P.S, wish I could of gotten the b-day sale, I’m too young though, no credit card yet.)

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