The #1 Exercise To Increase Testosterone

The #1 Exercise To Increase Testosterone

By Ryan Magin

Author: 101 Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

When you bring up the topic of testosterone to most meat head individuals, you find within them a not so subtle insecurity.

“How do I increase my testosterone?” “What am I doing wrong, why aren’t I growing?” “Are my testosterone levels too low? What is the problem with my body?”

With these typical questions of social standard being drilled daily into our minds at the average gym, it’s no wonder we got so many kids and adults alike not getting the results they want. The stress alone from these pointless worries create a very unfavorable environment for our beloved testosterone.

So what types of rituals than are going to get you results in these areas? Well, one that shouldn’t be of too much surprise is as follows…

Start lifting some HEAVY BARS!


This should relate to all you guys in one way or another. In the pure definition of being a man, we need to be strong and able to lift, push, pull and all in all move with STRENGTH. How do you get strong? You lift heavy, period.

What does this do for anabolic hormones? Simply put, the more BIG, COMPLEX and STRENUOUS the movement pattern, the more metabolically stressed your body will be…stimulating a greater release in growth hormones.

This means that if you’re a body builder, and are used to isolation exercises, there’s going to be a period of transition for you starting today. Not only do movements like the squat, deadlift, military press and olympic lifts have SIGNIFICANT effect on your T, but they are critical components in you becoming a strong, functionally working, absolutely devastating animal in the gym. Get this shit done, and your competition will be left with jaws open…on the field, the stage, at work or just your life in general.

Your muscles need to be stressed to a point where they are FORCED to grow bigger and stronger. Otherwise they will stay the same, seeing no need to waste valuable energy on developing a bigger musculature. Something key to remember, for any physical goal, is that the body will always take the path of least resistance. Put it in an environment where YOUR GOAL is the only possible outcome.

More weight on the bar means more stress on the body, equalling more tension on the muscles, and subsequent gains in those areas. Performing deadlifts for example at a high intensity is going to produce tremendous muscle gain in your back, hamstrings and glutes. The rise in T levels will consequently also add more bulk to your frame overall, making it the perfect exercise to really pack on mass.

Here’s a tip on a general misconception by many people in the fitness industry. Know the difference between a HIGH INTENSITY workout and a HIGH VOLUME workout. Intensity is the load that you are putting through your body. A one rep max bench press is an exercise of very high intensity. A 40 set workout is likely very low intensity (not much weight being used) but high in volume. Confusing these two could lead to some very detrimental and perplexing outcomes.

The reason deadlifts keep recurring in this article is because it should be understood that there is NO BETTER EXERCISE in terms of activating numerous muscles and getting the most out of a movement. It makes sense, after all, this is the most functional of lifts. How often are you picking stuff up off the floor? All the time! So why not get good at picking up really, really heavy things….building tissue, and a rock solid foundation for strength and power will be an inevitable bonus.

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