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Every morning I drive my oldest daughter to a small, alternative
private school that we chose to send her to.

The reason why we chose to send her there instead of public school
or the typical private school, is because we recognize unique
intellectual and creative strengths that she has.

And we decided that it would be best to send her to a school that
specializes in these areas.

This will allow her to become the STRONGEST, unique version
of herself… and my wife and I are willing to go out of our way
to make this happen for our kids.

Anyway, this morning as we drove to school I played an old audio
program by Earl Nightingale, named Lead The Field, in the car as
we traveled.

In the lesson this morning Earl spoke about “discovering your unique
strengths and then dedicating your life to developing them and using
them to serve the world.”

He said that we ALL have unique strengths, gifts and abilities that
no one else has. We are each gifted in our own particular way.

And if we discover, develop and use these strengths to serve our
people… we will live a life of full integrity and meaningful success.

What are your strengths?

What kind of things do you feel you can do best?

What area of study and service could you dedicate your life to?

Most people don’t even consider these questions… but someone like
you, someone who works everyday to become the strongest version
of himself, thinks about these questions all the time.

Personally, I know that I am gifted with physical strength and vitality.

I have a unique gift for lifting heavy things in an explosive way. And
I also have a gift for showing others how to do the same thing, in a
way that is entertaining and understandable.

So naturally I have dedicated my life to being an athlete and coach.

For example, this weekend I competed in a strongman competition
where I used my gift to win the show.

Winning a strongman show makes me feel good about myself, plus I
used my gifts to the best of my ability.

But I don’t stop there (and neither should you). I also created a system
to show other people how to become stronger and more explosive using
the same strongman workouts that I used to win my show.

I call it Hardcore Hybrid Strongman, and it’s on sale till the end of

I once heard that if everyone on Earth were to live a life doing what
they love most, and are the best at doing… there would be no more wars,
hunger and depression.

I’m not sure how true that statement is… but I can tell you from
experience that when you discover YOUR unique strengths, develop
them and serve people with it, YOU will be happier and so will the
people in your life.

That’s a pretty good place to start.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – today is the last day to get Hardcore Hybrid Strongman for almost
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  1. I don’t know about you, but I sure seem to connect more with those old school motivational guys. Nightingale, and Napoleon Hill especially. I swear I’ve read so many of his books I feel like I know the guy personally

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