12 Week Advanced “Anabolic Shock” Training

To get what you have not,
You’ll need to do,
What you do not.

One of the most dangerous and insidious slave masters of
mankind is…


As a means for survival prehistoric man had to recognize
patterns of activity in his environment so that he might adapt
his behavior to best meet the demands.

He developed routines in order to circumvent disasters and prepare
for the future.

But we are no longer subject to the demands of our environment.

We have broken the monotony of almost all of life’s natural patterns…

…yet we still have the primal instinct to create and hold tightly
to routines.

In the world of strength training and muscle building this instinct
towards comfortable routines can destroy all of your efforts.

Oh, how many men have I seen follow the same workout routine
for decades, only to look and feel exactly the same for the past
10 years.

Of course there is great pleasure found in the training of the body.

Not everyone is concerned with progress.

But if you are, then you’ll need to SHOCK your body for new
growth every few months, or at least once a year.

This strategic anabolic shocking will awaken the dormant
mechanical and hormonal responses in your body and get you back
on the “gains train”.

Use this 12 Week Advanced “Anabolic Shock” Method to break
up the monotony and spark new growth.

For advanced lifters only:

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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