2013 Health & Fitness Goals

In this video I describe how I will be working to strengthen all Four Layers Of Strength in my STRENGTHOLOGY model for growing stronger. I promised to link back to many of the resources mentioned in the video, you can find those links below.

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Neuromuscular Strength- 

1. I will be focusing mainly on “structural integrity” and “core strength” in 2013

2. Methods of training will include gymnastics, body weight, corrective exercise, clubbells, kettlebells (I like this), and swiss ball exercise.  In many ways this is a reemergence of a style of training I used for many years in the early 2000’s.

3. 2013 will be the first in many years that I will not participate in a strongman competition and will not be focused mainly on lifting heavier weights.

4. The goal is the bring back full mobility, stability, and functional capacity after years of neglect in these areas.

Physiological Strength-

1. I am following a 14 day raw vegan cleanse diet to give my digestive system a chance to experience something new, and take a break from eating heavy, acidic foods for decades.

2. I will also be supplementing with Living Fuel in order to nourish my body and keep protein in it.  Also, I will use the same fish oil supplement that I’ve been using for the past 10 years.

3. Sitting Meditation will continue to be a part of my lifestyle, as well as various forms Dynamic Meditation.

Energetic Strength –

1. In 2012 I studied, implemented and taught you about bioenergetics as a means for growing stronger. I will continue to learn and use these methods in order to free up my body-mind from holding patterns that cause pain, frustration, stress and weakness.

2. As meditation supports this layer, I will continue with that as well.

3. I have also implemented regular yoga practice as a means of opening up tight / restricted joints and muscles and allow for greater motility and energetic expression in my life.

Presentable Strength –

This is the layer in which the philosophy, “to help others is to help yourself”, comes into practice.  I’m convinced that growing stronger is not enough, me must go out of our way to share our strength with others and inspire them to grow stronger as well.

I will continue sharing my ideas with you mainly though my newsletter, my 3 youtube channels (strength, philosophy, nonjobs), and Facebook fan page.

It is my hope that the words and ideas I share with you will support you on your journey of growing stronger and will inspire you to share with others.

Grow Stronger 2013,

Elliott Hulse

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