The 2015 Version Of You

Lately there have been a lot of blog posts and videos being shared around the Internet claiming that goal setting is ineffective.

When most average people, who have never really achieved anything great in their lives, hear something like this they rejoice. Without ever giving goal setting a fair chance, these people accept this trendy Internet meme and choose to skip the discipline all together.


For over a decade I have practiced the art and discipline of goal setting. The act of considering and writing down everything I want in life has brought me tremendous financial, fitness and family success. My life today is the byproduct of goal setting, visualization and the exercise of will and determination.

But along the way I discovered that while achieving goals makes life far more exciting and abundant, the achievement of goals was not the real prize. In other words, if you achieve the goal of earning $1,000,000 – the money is not the real prize.

The real prize is WHO you became in order to win the prize.

If you were clear about your core values, and acted with integrity on the path towards your prize, you will discover that in order to earn the $1,000,000 you had no choice to become a stronger version of yourself.

When you know exactly what you want and, you are very clear about what integrity means to you, your journey may prove to be difficult but you will always seem to have a smile on your face. When the stress of life feels euphoric, it means that you are growing stronger.

For those of you who are smart enough not to be swayed from the responsibility of goal setting, I have a question….

WHO do you have to become in order to reach your goals?

If you’ve been a fan of my YouTube videos you probably know how much I value education, coaching and mentorship. The reason I personally hire and work with various teachers, coaches and mentors is because I know that I need help in reaching my goals; and ultimately in becoming a stronger version of myself.

I have invested over $1,000,000 in post-college education, coaching and mentorship… but my very first, and most important mentor came to me at the early age of four.

Uncle Elroy was my first fitness coach and mentor. He taught me how to use exercise to become strong and powerful even as a small child. By kindergarten I was able to perform push-ups, sit-ups and chin-ups with ease, while most of the other kids could barely hold a plank.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.15.20 PM

Many years later, with the help of my uncle, I earned awards and scholarships in football. I also cultivated a love for strength training, weightlifting and athletics.

My very early mentorship by Uncle Elroy helped me grow stronger for sports, but it also taught me many things about becoming a stronger version of myself; and most importantly it introduced me into my love for coaching.

I felt most alive while coaching my football teammates and friends how to lift weights, and teaching them how to keep a training journal. “Keep getting stronger, and share what you learn” became my mantra for life.

Early in my fitness-coaching career I learned that helping my clients build “functional muscle” was far more effective for performance than simply building stronger muscles.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.46.50 PMThis meant that my clients would get better long-term results if I taught them how to squat, lunge, bend, push, pull and twist (with structural integrity and inner equanimity), rather than isolating muscles on machines.

Building functional strength is tantamount to building more intelligent, intuitive, and expressive muscles.

As a coach I was successful at helping my clients develop functional strength, but I sensed that my fitness programs were still incomplete.

If WHO we become is more important that what goals we achieve, then my training programs should be designed to not only help someone’s muscles grow stronger, but to help them grow into a stronger version of themselves (a stronger WHO).

I was not satisfied with only helping my clients build stronger, more balanced, bodies; I wanted to coach my clients into becoming a stronger version of themselves… in everything they love to do.

If we can build more intelligent, intuitive and expressive muscles, then there must also be a way to build intelligence, intuition and creative expression into other areas of our lives.

I wanted my clients to grow stronger in the gym, and grow stronger in school, and grow stronger in relationships, and grow stronger in their careers, and for them to help other people grow stronger also.

My mantra for my clients was the same as my personal mantra, “Keep getting stronger, and keep sharing what you learn.”

Given the broad light I wanted to shed for my clients, the definition of the term “strength” had to be expanded.

We’ve concluded that functional muscles are far more intelligent and intuitive than merely bigger muscles.

Next, we need to consider all lifestyle habits that contribute to how well each of our biological systems work in order to support our journey of growing into a stronger version of ourselves.

We have to consider the all systems of the body, including the digestive system, the endocrine system, the nervous system and of course… the muscular system.


We will need to grow more conscious of the foods we eat, the sleep we get, the water we drink, our relationships, our hopes, our dreams and our fears. Our goal is to strengthen WHO we are, by being more conscious of our thoughts, words, actions, habits and character.

When we are stronger in body, physiology, mind and soul… we bring new strength to everything else we do in life.

When we strengthen our overall health and integrity, WHO we become is strengthened exponentially.

We’re not just building neuromuscular strength, we’re also building physiological and energetic (or psychological) strength. But it doesn’t stop there… As we grow stronger individually, we naturally tend to empower other people to grow stronger too.

By YOU becoming a stronger version of yourself, you also help the world become a stronger and more pleasurable place for us ALL to live.

I deeply believe that that if you chose to make your mission in life, “To become a stronger version of myself and empower others” you will be doing the best work necessary for humankind to advance into our next level of universal evolution.

I won’t make any claims or predictions about where humankind is headed, but I hold strongly to the idea that if we each take responsibility for growing stronger and empowering others that humanity will have a bright future.

In part two of this series I will talk to you about the Four Layers Of Strength process that I have personally used for over 10 years, and which has given me the strength I’ve needed for my journey of becoming a stronger version of myself.

You will also be introduced into my vision of a coaching process which not only gives students the tools for their journey of growing stronger; it also give them an opportunity to support younger journeyers on their path; these people see Coaching as a promising vocation.

It is the system that will fulfill the mission of “Becoming A Stronger Version Of Ourselves, And Empower Others.”

I’m very excited to share this with you ☺