[RESPONSE REQUIRED] $20K per month Warehouse Gym Business Plan

You love lifting. 

You love fitness training and getting stronger.


You’ve always dreamed of turning your passion for fitness into profits (this is good… very good). 

Earning a living doing what you’re passionate about is by far the most righteous path to prosperity and good will. 

But this path is barred to many.  Most “passionate personal trainers” never earn the profits they know the deserve.

This video will show you how: 

In this circa 2008 video featuring fat, voice high-pitched, on his way to becoming rich Elliott Hulse… you will learn how I earned my first $20,000 month as a warehouse gym business owner.

The business model I show you in this video is the EXACT blueprint I used in my early days (before YouTube stardom) to dig myself out of $90,000 debt, raise my family, and lay the foundation for Strength Camp.

Don’t be fooled by my appearance in this video, or the low visual quality… this video contains Marketing and Business Building GOLD NUGGETS that can dramatically increase your profits as a warehouse gym business owner.

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Just a heads up… this video is a part of an old Warehouse Gym Business course I created a few years back.

The value of this video alone is worth well over $1,000… especially if you put my model into action like hundreds of other fitness pros have done over the years.

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Teach fitness.

Keep Growing Stronger,
E Hulse

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