The 3 Hour Workout Week (train less, gain more)

After reading my Grow Stronger Method book for the first
time many people asked…

Elliott, how do you expect us to build strength with only
three weight training workouts per week?

Since my very first days of lifting weights, I have always
seen the best strength gains by keeping my training frequency

When lifting weights near 90% of your one rep max it is
important to remember that your nervous system can quickly
become fried.

Like I always say…

…strength is a function of the nervous system.

Beating the crap out of your muscles with high volume and
frequency will not support your strength gains.

This idea of high volume and frequency training comes from
the bodybuilding paradigm that many of you still proceed from.

There is nothing wrong with bodybuilding parameters for
gaining mass…. in fact it works quite well.

But gaining strength requires a very different approach.

And as I get older and value my time ever more… I much rather
follow a program that keeps me strong and functional, without
spending 12 hours a week in the gym.

Also, the low volume approach that I suggest in the program
keeps your muscles from being sore all week long.

Chasing children, and my wife (*wink*), requires that my body
always feels fresh and energetic.

Not beat down and sore.

But hey….

This is just my experience.

If you like to beat the crap out of yourself for several hours a
week, so that you are sore all weekend long….

…then just ignore me.

But if you wanna be strong, fit and vibrant without being a
slave to the iron.

Then you’ll want to follow a program like The Grow Stronger

And if you’re over 50 years old… then The Old School, New
system gets my full endorsement, since many of the
principles are the same. (see step 5 on the website)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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