3 Major Violations [DO NOT miss this one]

Yo, I’m super excited to meet up with you for our Live Warehouse Gym Millionaire Webinar, later TODAY.

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For the last two weeks I have been preparing PowerPoint slides for my talk later today.

Each slide is PURE GOLD.

Every time I finished the content for one of the slides I’ll be sharing with you later today… I kept thinking to myself, “THIS is the most important slide.”

The fact is that everything I am going to share with you has the ability to transform your mind, body and business instantly.

But after a quick skim this morning, I decided to share one of my favorites with you.

Its all about the 3 Major Violations that most coaches, trainers and would-be Warehouse Gym Business Owners make… that keep them from reaching their goals.

I learned these principles the hard way.

I’ve personally violated each of these principles on my path to business and life success.

And each time I did, I struggled to make ends meet.

I don’t want you to step in the same pile of shit… so this is my warning.

I’ll go MUCH DEEPER into each one of these principles today at our live event, but for now I’ll give you the short version each.

1. Know Thyself, Know Thy Tribe

So many me-too coaches either try too hard to please their clients by letting them (clients) run the show… or they copy-cat other successful trainers instead of being their TRUTH.

Your gym is about YOUR love for fitness, and YOUR expertise. Not the latest fitness fads, or what your clients think is cool.

2. The NonJob Ladder

Too many trainers work their faces off from morning to night, but most of their efforts bare little fruit.

No matter how great of a trainer you are, if you are not earning enough money to live the life you deserve… YOU WILL grow resentful.

Even the most charitable coach will sooner or later feel cheated when their clients are getting great results… but YOU are still broke.

This principle is all about getting paid what you are worth.

3. Adopt A Warrior’s Mindset

I’m going to blow my horn with this one.

This principle has always come easy to me.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes about the way I see myself and how I approach business, training and life.

There are times when I drop the ball, and it always ends in disaster and disappointment.

A Warrior’s Mindset is all about the three D’s:




How adept are you at choosing your path, committing to action, and keeping your eyes on the BIG PICTURE?

Depending on how you answer that question, you’ll know if you’re living the Warrior’s Code… or not.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you later today. All the info you need is below.

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E Hulse

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