30 Days At Strength Camp (reality show)

Ever since the Survivor reality show began airing about
10 years ago people have been hooked on “reality TV”.

Unlike scripted television shows that follow a plot, reality
TV shows are generally raw, emotional and “real”.

This makes for a far more interesting display of character,
circumstances and psychology behind the choices people

Well, we’re doing a sort of “reality show” series here at
my gym Strength Camp.


Before I give you all of the details and tell you how you
can follow us…

…I want to remind you that today is the last day to get
my No BS Marketing For Strength Coaches course.

In this course you will learn all of the steps, challenges
and strategies to make Strength Camp the successful
business it is today.

I’m proud to share this with you:

NOW… here is what’s going on at Strength Camp for the
next 30 days.

Teiko Reindorf is a trainer from Toronto Canada who has
moved to my city in order to “shadow” me and my closest
people for the next 30 days.

He will be updating his blog and Twitter feed multiple
times a day with pictures, videos, insights, ideas and
drama at Strength Camp as it unfolds in real time.

If you’ve ever wondered what was going on behind the
scenes at my gym, with my coaches, friends, family…

…or what the heck is Elliott Hulse REALLY like? – Then
you’ll love Teiko’s blog and will want to sign up for his e
mails or Twitter in order to follow his journey.

You can join us and get all the information over on his


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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