Press 370lbs Overhead w/ ONE HAND

An ugly confession…

I don’t really love bodybuilding.

Although I think its great to work towards the building of
a body that looks strong and attractive… I feel that far too
much emphasis is placed on how you LOOK rather than
how you FUNCTION.

Well, it turns our that the fathers of bodybuilding felt the
same way.

Guys like Eugen Sandow asserted that if a man were to
first build his health and strength, then good looks will
naturally follow, way back in 1908.

One of my favorite quotes by old time strong man,
Arthur Saxon is “judge a man by his capabilities as an
athlete, weather as a weight lifter or wrestler not by the
measurement of his biceps or chest.”

If you notice in this picture of Arthur Saxon pressing
370 lbs with one hand… not only is this dude STRONG,
he also has a lean, healthy looking body that most men
today would die for.


For the last several days I have been studying many of my
old-school bodybuilding books written by men like Sandow
and Saxon.

The biggest difference between these books, written 100 years
ago, and the bodybuilding books of today is that these men
focused LESS on specific reps and sets… and MORE on how
to develop the nervous system.

When you focus on training the nervous system rather than the
muscles, you’ll notice a few things.

First, training the nervous system rather than the muscles builds
a body that lacks the typical bulky look of today’s athletes and
instead creates a lean, hard-body look.

Next, training the nerves makes you STRONGER than ever.
These old school bodybuilder would weigh as little as 185 lbs
but could press up to 400 lbs overhead!

Finally, by focusing on the development of the nerves you not
only look better and grow stronger… but you also GROW

Modern neuroscience has discovered that by developing the
complexity and output of nervous connections throughout your
central and peripheral nervous systems, you build new pathways
that allow of greater intelligence and creativity!

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while you know just
how much I believe that the nervous system is where we need
to begin working if we are to reach our full human potential.

But developing strong nerves goes FAR beyond just weight lifting.
Growing a powerful and dynamic nervous system carries over into
every area of your life.

And that is why I created this short e-book to share my favorite
methods of creating the most powerful nervous system you can. <– see it here

The first Layer Of Strength is called “Nuromuscular Strength”
and this is the only true way to maximize it.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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