The ONLY 4 Exercises To Grow BIG and Strong (revised list)

A few weeks ago I posted a video outlining what
I believed are the only four exercises you need to
grow stronger.

If all you could do were 4 exercises, I would choose
Deadlift, Front Squats, Chin Ups and Dips.

Now… that list not totally accurate.

That list of 4 exercises is perfect if all you have
access to is typical gym equipment like barbells, etc.

But, if I rewrote that list with the four exercises that
I personally use, and have used to create some of the
strongest most aggressive athletes, in my gym.

It would be…

Tire Flips, Log Clean and Press, Stone Loading and
Keg Carries.

These exercises work EVERY single part of your
body in a functional manner, challenge your nervous
system and require solid structural integrity.

Not only that, these exercises also “test your manhood”
and are really, really fun to do!

Look, I understand that about 99% of you reading this
newsletter do not have access to the awesome strongman
implements that I use and swear by.

And that is why I’ve created this opportunity for you.

You are going to learn how to use strongman implements,
combined with powerlifting and bodybuilding to create
massive, aggressive monster athletes… or become one

You also going to have a kick-ass fun weekend training
with me and chowing down on some good ol’ southern
style barbeque.

“But Elliott, I will NEVER be able to use these techniques
since I don’t have a gym or these implements… what should
I do?”

I’m glad you asked ;)

The last time I held a workshop like this one of the students
immediately went back to his city, began saving his pennies
and investing towards his own “strength camp” style gym
where he could train like a badass and earn a living.

His name is Michael De La Palva (circled below).


And here is a promo video for his new gym, that he set up
just a few months after my last Strength Camp workshop.

Weather you have aspirations of opening your own gym, or
not… I think this is going to be a great weekend for everyone
involved, and I hope to meet you here :) <– Strength Camp

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Here are 2 other live events that are selling out

Yo Elliott LIVE in Miami:

NonJob Revolution Meet Up:

If you aspire to open your own gym, or build a business
around your passion for strength training, then this is also
a workshop you’ll want to attend.