77 Year Old Man Lifts Boulders, Fathers Children

A few years ago I became fascinated with the health
secrets of a small isolated tribe of people who lived in the
mountains of North Pakistan.

These people are called “The Hunza”.

It is said that they were so healthy that women of 50 years
of age were far more beautiful and vibrant than a woman
of 30 living in the west.

Also, the men would continue their physical labors, of moving
boulders to make way for new roads, well into their old age.

These same men would also continue to father children at an
age when most western men would fain impotent.

I discovered that there were five major things that kept these
people so strong and vital all the days of their life.

Later this week I will be speaking with you at length on each
of these Five Steps For Youthful Vigor.

Each of these steps are highly attainable and adaptable to all
of us so-called “modern westerners”.

Here is an article by Steve Holman where he briefly sheds light
on each of these steps, and offers a solution for immediate

His solution is a great place to start… but like I said, I’ll be
expanding on each of the five steps over the next few days.

You will learn how The Hunza men used these principles as a
cornerstone in all of their life activities.

Very fascinating stuff!

Talk to ya tomorrow.

Grow Stronger (even when you’re older),
Elliott Hulse

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