Elliott Hulse – A video portrait by Frank Yang

I am so honored that my friend and fellow YouTube fitness publisher Frank Yang created this incredible video portrait of me, featuring aspects of my life that most people will never see.

The Elliott Hulse that you have come to know though my YouTube videos, both on fitness and on life, is only one part of what makes me whole.  The video above depicts parts of my personality, mind, family, hopes and dreams that fuel my daily work as a coach, speaker and publisher.

Here is another video that I created a while back that gives you a glimpse into my history and the circumstances in my life that have led to the way I live my life today.

I love reading your e mails and answering your questions though my YouTube channels. ┬áThis post is just a chance for you to see into my life and the place “Elliott Hulse” is coming from when I share my perspectives on fitness and life advice with you.

Keep Growing Stronger,

Elliott Hulse