Advice You Don’t Wanna Hear

I’m gonna give you some advice you DEFINITELY do not want to hear…

Step away from the barbell.

Considering that you receive my messages, are committed to growing stronger, and you know what I’m all about, you may be scratching your head.

“Why is Elliott telling me to STOP doing what I love?”

“What the hell has gotten into this guy?”

Well HOLD on there friend… I wouldn’t tell you to take a temporary break from the barbell unless I thought there was something better for you to do in the meantime…

You see, when we go into the gym day after day, month after month giving it our all, grinding out every rep, and struggling through new personal records, it really takes a toll on our bodies.

So you either get sick, hit a plateau, or get frustrated and quit all together.

I’m going to help you avoid all that.

A few years back I rediscovered the beauty of bodyweight training.

As a kid I was always into push-ups, pull-ups, and dips, but in my calisthenic reawakening I had a deep desire to perform movements like handstands, muscle-ups, and levers.

In my eyes, these movements showed true body mastery.

I began utilizing them more and more, until eventually I took a block of time where I only focused on these bodyweight movements.

They were a new challenge, they were fresh, and they gave me an opportunity to conquer something I wasn’t good at.

When I finally found my way back to the barbell, I was stronger, performing my big lifts with noticeably more weight.

My body control had greatly improved, and as you can imagine, my core strength was at an all time high.

And a few months later when I saw one of the participants at one of my seminars whizzing his body around on the rings, I knew that this kind of strength was something I wanted to promote.

I wanted to share how to become a true master of your body, to have flexibility, strength, and still look amazing.

Which is why I teamed up with that participant from my seminar (his name’s Eli) and created Iron Cross, the program dedicated giving YOU control of your body.

This program will give you simple approach to progressing through complex and impressive bodyweight movements such as muscle-ups, handstands, and back levers.

And the best part is that you can utilize this program to it’s fullest while you’re doing another program.

No worries about overtraining or missing out on any gains.

Become the master of your body =======>

Grow stronger,