I’m reading a book about the psychological development in
small children.

Children are still very tied to their primal instincts and behavior.

You can say that the “unsocialized boy” is not interested in
pretense or bullsh*t.

He gets to the root of things right away.

For example… when a group of boys gets together there is an
immediate hierarchical reordering.

There are some boys who move to the top of the hierarchy and
others who move to the bottom of the totem pole.

This all happens naturally based on instinct. They don’t talk
over it and make decisions about who the Alpha is and who the
Beta is.

It just happens naturally.

At their young age status is intrinsically linked to PHYSICAL

The boy who is physically stronger rises to the top of the pecking

This boy can run faster, jump higher and out perform almost all
of the other boys in the clan.

Although much of his ability may be gifted and genetic.

He instinctively does things that the other boys doesn’t.

He moves faster and with more force in everything he does. He
doesn’t mull over the details of what is about to happen, he just
does it!

In short…. this young ALPHA MALE expresses more Power!

Here are a series of power workouts that I’ve created for you to

I’m not claiming that they will help you rise the corporate ladder
(the neurotic adult pecking order), but you’ll gain the respect of
anyone who can distinguish a powerful body from a weak one.

An ALPHA body compared to a beta.

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Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse