Amazing “Yo Elliott” Fan Guitar Song by VOGGBROTHERS


Today I have something really special for you: My friends Matthias and Sebastian Vogg from Germany aka “VOGGBROTHERS” did an amazing guitar cover of my “Yo Elliott” Intro Song.

They also wrote a little blog to explain what the guitar piece means to them.

Go check it out below


Today we really want to thank a very special man in our lives that not only inspired us to be the strongest version of ourselves but is also now a good friend and business partner of us: Mr. Elliott Hulse.

We won’t go into the whole story of it all (for the German speaking guys out there: we put those stories on so if you want to know go check it out). We will simply add some words to the music and describe what moved us to play this song “Strongest Version”.

The Strongest Version was initially something that we only identified with having bigger muscles and more physical strength. We only identified the “growing stronger” as something measurable and tangible.

Interestingly, as Elliott began to move more into different subjects and started “releasing” a lot of the “weird” stuff, we also started going in that direction. It wasn’t like we were fanboys (or maybe we were and still are? :D) but we just sensed that this guy is onto something.

And perhaps the most important “thing” we learned in that direction was to be real and be true to ourselves. We always got this feeling of you know “This guy allows himself to be real and I can sense he is ok with it” and so we allowed ourselves to be true too.

Of course as brothers we were kind of fanatic about it all. Because we did so much together we could basically say “Ok we can happily ‘cut ourselves off’ from all the ‘friends’ we used to interact because we had each other”(definitely bro-mance in the literal sense here :D)

But the way that Elliott “paved” for us – or better said: the way he showed us and that this way does not need to be paved – has brought us to such a beautiful place within ourselves and also in our environment.

We remember when Elliott shared Sebastian’s Instagram post where he played a piece of Bach with the Strength Camp wristband on and to us it was this ultra big deal.

The gift of emotional freedom that he gave to us in the form of Bioenergetics and Active Meditation has been a tremendous transformation for our inner worlds. To find a person of clarity and integrity in a world full of confused people is like finding the needle in the hay – and Elliott has done that for us.

He also brought us together with some of our best friends (Manuel, you know what’s up! For all the Germans again check out his project Livetaak at where he helps you to find your calling).

Elliott also inspired us to found 4yourSELF ( again for all the Germans :D) where we help you to optimize your life energy. We would have never found Clemens, Felix – and also our former member Aaron – if Elliott hadn’t been there. We are extremely grateful to him and all the amazing people we got to meet on our path of being the strongest version of ourselves and inspiring others.

So we can pretty much say that everything that is dear to our hearts, has true meaning in our lives and is important to us was inspired by Elliott. Of course Elliott would probably say now that “You saved yourself, not I did” and we get it. To us it still feels a lot like that because it is just such a difference in our lives.

I guess the Tsunami of praise will end shortly but some things still need to be said. Also, the men we are today – a fine balance between tenderness and aggression – enabled us to have beautiful fulfilled relationships with our wonderful girlfriends. Looking back into our “past lives” (some 5-10 years ago :D) we were just kind of not able to have lasting relationships with girls.

And apart from that Elliott also helped us to become physical badasses, especially with his Lean Hybrid Muscle Program (go check it out here:

One of the greatest things also was to discover Paul Chek through Elliott. Matthias has now made the HLC 1 Certificate from Paul online.

I guess the greatest and “strongest” thing to do is allowing ourselves to be what we are. The word “strong” can be deceptive since deep and real strength is only found in being “weak” or better “soft”. Being able to let go of all the ideas of what the word “strength” has to mean in our narrow human intellect brings true “strength” and freedom.

Being fully present here and letting go into being the strongest version of ourselves is just as important as “working” on becoming the strongest version.

We now have the enormous gigantous honor of being able to work with Elliott and use our abilities to further the growth and development of his brand.

In conclusion: We could go on and on about it. Let’s just express all the wonderful emotions through our music.

Click here to listen to our song.

Thank you Elliott! We love you.


Matthias & Sebastian Vogg