You’ve got “Anabolic BURNOUT”

Everything in life happens in cycles.

Most obvious is the daily cycle, between the rising
and setting of the sun.

We also have the cycles of seasons, between winter
and summer.

As human beings we also experience circadian cycles
that dictate when certain hormones are released in the

…this creates the contrast between anabolic and catabolic

Another cycle is that of LIFE and DEATH.

When we are young there is much energy to be expended,
we also experience the rapid growth of bone, organs and

As we come nearer to the midpoint of our lives we begin
to notice a dramatic decrease in our energy and growth

The creates a situation where no matter how much you
train or lift weights…

…muscle growth begins to seem impossible.

This is normal and natural.

I personally do not grow muscle and strength as fast as
I did when I was 23 (10 years ago).

As you see in the graph above, there is a point where we’ll
experience “Anabolic Burn Out”.

You know that you are experiencing this phenomenon if…

…have more than 10 years of weight training experience and
have noticed a dramatic DECREASE in your ability to grow
stronger or gain muscle mass.

But, just like mankind has conquered the darkness of night,
with the lightbulb.

And the coldness of wintertime with the heater…

We can choose to destroy the natural limitations of the
“anabolic life cycle” by manipulating basic parameters in our

Fellow Strength Geek and former “anabolic burn-out” Brad Pilon
has a few interesting ideas that may help us do just that.

Destroy Anabolic Burn Out¬†<—- interesting solution to this problem¬†

Brad calls his solution “Compound Cluster Cycles”, its a very
non-conventional approach to working out, but one that may be worth
a try.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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