Strength Geek Gets ANGRY

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Everyone feels angry at some time.

It’s normal and natural.

It’s your body telling you that there is some form of
resistance between what your ego expects and actually
getting it.

For example, your ego sees the need for you to merge
your car into on going traffic.

But no one seems to be willing to give you a break!

There is an expectation and it is being blocked.

The external resistance comes in the form of other
driver. So you get MAD!

Your eyebrows may furrow.

Your neck / shoulders will become tense.

Your breathing will become short.

You’ll clinch your jaw shut.

And you might even mumble a few obscenities under
your breath.

Here is where it gets interesting.

As a socialized human being living in a normal civilization
you refrain from biting, punching or attacking someone
physically when you become angry with them.

Instead you “hold back”.

You physically tighten all of the muscles associated with
the primal actions you would like to, but can’t, take.

Your jaw gets tight because you want to BITE.

Your fists ball up because you want to STRIKE.

Your breathing becomes short because you’re holding
back the SCREAMING fit that you would like to
explode into.

All of this holding back makes your muscles tense,
tired and ultimately weakens their full capacity for

You might have neck and shoulder pain from holding
your jaw tight, that leads to your inability to press more

The emotions that you’ve held back become like a cancer
in your body leading to everything from heart attack,
high blood pressure and even death. (stress kills)

Also, this unexpressed emotion builds up… until one day
you react hysterically and have no clue why you “flipped

Being socialized is good.

Holding your natural feelings… is dangerous.

So, what do you do?

You will use what I call Bio-Energetic Exercises.

These are exercises similar to what I have share with you
in some of my videos.

This is where you find a safe place to finally LET GO and
release all of the trapped emotion that is literally holding
your mind and muscle hostage.

I will be holding a small workshop discussing all of these
ideas as well as teaching the Bioenergetic Exercise systems.

This workshop will be next month, and held in the North
East of the US. Here are all the details.


If you are the type of Strength Geek that I am, then you know
that learning everything you can about becoming the strongest
version of yourself is critical.

This workshop is not your typical “sit and learn” bore-fest. It
is highly hands-on and experiential.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Would gridiron strongman work for mma and if you think so can you explain what’s in the program is it powerlifting, plyometrics etc.?

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