Anxiety Is Destroying Your Muscle

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You many not get “anxiety attacks” or even carry a sense of
anxiety with you everyday, like the people in the medication
commercials on TV… but to some degree you have probably
suffered from a level of anxiety.

We all do.

What I’ve experienced is that anxiety is your body’s way of
telling you that it needs to discharge!

To discharge trapped energy could come in the form of yelling,
crying, heavy breathing or any number of physical movements
and exercise.

When you experience the “trapped” sensation of anxiety, you
are literally “holding back” e-motion… or movement.

We all learned how to hold ourselves back though childhood

When you wanted to run, jump and yell… but your mother told
you to sit down and shut up, you learned how to tense your
muscles in order to hold back your excitement.

Over time these muscles have become chronically tense which
has lead you to have muscular imbalances that either do not
allow you to use the muscle fully, or cause injury in your joints.

The best way to destroy the anxiety which may be killing your
chance at building more strength, muscle and becoming the
stronger you… with with “discharge exercises”.

Things like yelling out loud, punching a bag or humping a
mattress work really well :)

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