Hey… I’m in Venice Beach this week with my family and really
should be relaxing (not making videos and sending newsletters)!

But like I’ve told you and my students in the past… there are
two typical moods that you’ll find yourself in; CONSUMING

When you’re in consuming mode its time to relax, recover, read
and regenerate your energy for when the next phase hits you.

Producing phase is when it’s time to bust your ass and work off
all the energy you gathered during the consuming phase.

Just like you can’t force winter to be like summer, or force day
to be more like night.

You can’t force consuming when it’s time to produce.

These seasons are as natural as the annual cycles!

So I don’t try to fight it…

There are time when I “should” be working… but I just can’t.
So, I grab a book, play with my kids or take a walk.

And there are times like NOW when I “should” be relaxing…
but I can’t. So, I’ll leave you with this newsletter today then
head off to the beach and TRY to chill out with my kids ;)

Below is a video I uploaded earlier today.

It’s contains a little known trick for building a stronger, more
well balanced neck.


This is some really important stuff that most athletes, coaches
and trainers don’t know about.

CLICK HERE to see it.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Wow Elliot, never thought of it like that, but it makes a whole lotta sense. seems like you’ve got life all figured out.

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