Avoid This “Neurotic Training Cycle”

I’m willing to bet that either you or someone you know
has been caught in a “neurotic cycle.”

A neurotic cycle is a dyfunctional pattern of behavior
which reproduces identical, yet undesired, results with
each repetition.

For example… the woman who keeps hooking up with
men that beat her.

On a conscious level she is not looking for abusive men,
but she is caught in a neurotic cycle that keeps
reproducing the same result.

This also works for the guy who can’t keep a job; the
person who always loses things; the person who is
always sick or injured…

And the guy who can’t seem to gain lean muscle!

Just like the woman who always dates abusive men, the
guy who is having difficulty gaining lean muscle has
honest and good intentions.

He really WANTS to burn fat and build muscle, but he
keeps making unconscious decisions that lead him back
down the road to a soft and unattractive body.

If the woman in my example simply took the time to
become self objective and take notice of her “routine”,
eventually she would see where certain choices she had
been making keeps leading her to failure.

If our guy, desperate to finally become lean and strong,
suddenly noticed that every time he goes to they gym
he follows the same exact LOSING routine that will
never work… he would now have the awareness to

Breaking neurotic cycles takes 2 very important steps.

#1. Take Notice – Try to become self-aware. This means
stepping back and looking at your behavior with an
objective (detached) eye.

#2. Choose A New Routine – Once you’ve taken notice of
your neurotic cycle, now it’s time to replace it with a new
and more resourceful routine.

In the case of our guy who wants to become leaner and
stronger, he could simply choose to follow a new workout
routine that is completely “out of the box”.

A workout routine that combines power lifting, functional
exercise, bodybuilding and hybrid conditioning to quickly
reshape his body and finally reach his goal of becoming
lean, strong and attractive.

If you haven’t reached your lean muscle building goals
yet, then perhaps it’s time to break the neurotic cycle that
keeps you soft and weak.

Perhaps it’s time to give my Lean Hybrid Muscle Building
routine a shot.

You can learn more about this”hybrid approach” to training
here -> http://buildhybridmuscle.com/

Keep Growing Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Elliot have a 16 yr old son, playing football. Was considering giving him cellmass after watching you on you tube. Safe? If so does he do half the recommended dose? Would appreciate your imput thanks Mike

  2. Post

    yes, its safe… but has a TON of empty calories. If it were my son I would have him use a pure kre alkalyn form of creatine.

    Keep me posted.

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