How to find out if you are a BALANCED MALE


Are you a balanced male?

If you are making the same mistakes over and over again without realizing the cause of it then this blog post is the perfect fit for you.

If you want to get rid of procrastination, sexual frustration and being ignored all the time, keep reading.

I really enjoyed being interviewed on the “Sports Motivation Podcast” by Niyi Sobo from IM NOT YOU.



I especially loved hearing the passion and dedication in his voice, but appreciated also his deep and authentic words. You will know what I mean when you hear it for yourself.

We talked about the whole spectrum of becoming the strongest version of yourself and we went over a vast number of topics.

I gotta tell you that I felt a special connection in this podcast.

Niyi and I really resonated which created a space for true authentic communication.

Don’t miss this special connection! Be sure to listen to the podcast here on itunes and subscribe to the “Sports Motivation Podcast” to show the man some love for his awesome work.

Also his blog has the full episode on it and lots of further information on the amazing coachings Niyi does. Again – don’t miss out on it, those are the opportunities of a lifetime.

As to the content and topics we talked about I really don’t want to be too specific. It is my wish for you that you choose to listen to the interview because written words can only convey so much.

The most important concept from this episode in my opinion is: BALANCE.

We talked about how to be balanced in these areas:


  • male/female energy
  • entrepreneur/father role
  • praiser/naysayer comments

When we find the sweet spot between the two extremes, we start to cultivate REAL balance.

Especially the balanced male learns how to lead an EFFORTLESS life in which the “struggles” become sweet responsibilities. We start to SEE and FEEL that these challenges are growth opportunities which show us more of what we truly ARE.

Now go and experience yourself how awesome this podcast is.

Listen to the show so you won’t miss how to:

  • reframe emotionally challenging times so that you can get over your problems and live an abundant life.
  • detach yourself from both negative and positive reactions to never be disappointed by anyone anymore.
  • define and cultivate TRUE courage to become a balanced male.

Go to the blog now to listen in there. If you have itunes go here.

Take care

E Hulse

PS: Let me know what your biggest TAKEAWAY from the interview was. Put it into the comments and let’s exchange our unique views. This way we ALL become balanced males growing stronger and inspiring others to do the same.