When the barbell calls you… GO!

My first encounter with strength, muscle, power, fitness and physical prowess came around the  age of four.

My uncle Elroy was a black belt in Kung Fu.  He was also incredibly lean, muscular and powerful.

Every day I would observe him in the basement of our home kicking a heavy bag, sprinting on a
treadmill, strengthening his arms with one of those old spring loaded “chest expanders” and chopping  bricks in half with his bare hands.

At that age I didn’t realize how much I was being influenced by him.  Sometimes he would teach
me and my brother how to do push ups, sit ups and chin ups.

Around the age of fourteen I began to notice my own power and ability to grow muscle and strength blossoming.

Not being a very good student in school (except for physical education) I put a lot of my energy into growing my body though sports and training.

My self esteem quickly developed as I became known as one of the best athletes in school.  I was also one of the only kids to have six pack abs.

When it was time to choose a career path, or vocation, there was zero hesitation…. I was to become a strength and fitness coach.

I knew very early on that I would spend my life helping other people experience the same sense of pride in their physical ability, strength and aesthetics that I had.

After playing college football and becoming a professional strongman, my skills and passion as a fitness coach gained considerable attention on the internet as people were attracted to my style of training and knowledge on all subjects related to “growing stronger”.

This has been the journey of the first half of my life.

Today regularly I meet young people who have watched my videos for over a decade.  They tell me how much my words have impacted their lives, but more importantly they tell me how I’ve inspired them to exercise, strength train, body-build, lose weight and build muscle.

As fervently as many of them try to make me understand the extent of my positive influence on their lives, it is almost impossible for me to understand.

All I can do it relate their experience of me, to my experience of uncle Elroy.

He grew stronger and as a result, I grew stronger.

As I became a stronger version of myself, others were inspired to be their strongest selves.

As they grow stronger they inspire others to grow stronger, whether they know it or not.

Some of these folks choose to become strength and fitness coaches also… and so the spiral of strength continues.

When you are inspired, or called to something that ignites your greatest passion and compassion… GO!

Remember, by following your path, by becoming a stronger, better, happier version of yourself you also inspire others to the same path.

We grow stronger, not for ourselves.

We grow stronger others.

We grow stronger for our families.

We grow stronger for future generations.

We grow stronger for eternity.


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