How to beat stupid, little, nagging inuries!

In sports it is often said, “Better to lose by a blowout than
by a single point!”

I think the idea is that losing by so close a margin is like
having victory violently ripped out of your hands… instead
of it slowly being taken away.

You were so close, yet so far away!

Its kinda the same with nagging injuries.

Every part of your body feels like a winner… except one,
stupid, little nagging injury!

You’re so close, yet so far away!

As frustrating as nagging injuries are, there is usually a
simple answer to avoiding and healing them forever.

Yesterday I stole a page out of Jedd Johnson’s “Fixing
Elbow Pain” e book, and showed you simple exercise that
you can do to avoid nagging elbow and wrist pain.

Today I invite you to take a look at Jedd’s methods for
avoiding these stupid little injuries FOREVER!

It’s all in his “dirt cheap” 105 page manual for serious athletes
and people looking to become stronger versions of themselves.

Even if you don’t have nagging upper body injuries right now,
the exercises in the manual may save you from ever having to
deal with them.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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