Do this before setting ANY goals

It’s amazing to see the mass movement and momentum
behind our mission to “be our strongest selves, and
empower one another.”

Congratulations to everyone who has stepped up and made
the commitment to GROW STRONGER with us here in

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Goal setting is a good idea. 

But goal setting without having a sense of meaning or purpose
is a waste of time, and may even set you back.

So many people set fitness, financial and family goals, without
ever asking themselves… what is the meaning behind all of this?

If you ask them to give you a reason WHY the goals are
important to them, they really couldn’t tell you.

They’ll probably say something like, “I want to be successful”,
“I want to be my best” …or worse, “I want to please______”
(insert so-and-so person in your life).

But that still doesn’t explain WHY you want these things.

What is the meaning behind your goals?

What is the purpose of becoming successful?

Human beings are “meaning creating machines” and we do
best in life when we ascribe meaning to anything we do.  We are
happiest when we live a meaningful and purposeful life.

It’s become popular these days to think and behave as if life
has no meaning.  We have been led to believe that to think there
is some meaning to your life is a weakness, or your being

This leaves a gaping void within you that WILL be filled, whether
you are conscious of it or not.

If you don’t decide upon the meaning of your life someone else
will do it for you.

Customers, etc.

Everyone wants to ascribe a meaning to what YOU are worth
…to them.

Everyone is vying for your life-force, your time, your energy,
your resources, your attention.


But what’s it all about for you?

Are you here to stoop down to the fears, limitations and
expectations of society and other people?

Or are you here to be a pioneer?

A pathfinder?

A creator?

Are you someone who has faith in the goodness of humankind
and hope for our future together on this planet?

If so, then why leave meaning up to chance, or in the hands of
other people?

Just something to think about.

And something that we’ll be doing a great deal of investigating on
together here at the Grow Stronger Experience in November.

Looking forward to meeting you there :)

Keep Growing Stronger,

PS – There is so much going on this fall, and I would hate
for you to miss out because I didn’t inform you.

Here are some important links to get you started on the
road to success this November.

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The Grow Stronger Experience (limited space)