Behind Your Anger is Your Power

Growing up, we’re conditioned to repress our negative emotions…

And it’s eating away at us like a cancer.

The process begins with our parents and teachers.

We’re told to sit down and be good little boys and girls.

Good little boys don’t cry, and good little girls don’t enjoy sex.

Good little boys don’t throw temper tantrums, and good little girls don’t laugh hysterically.

Instead, good little boys and girls sit down and do what they are told.

We’re taught this from the time we are children.

When there’s a baby around, let’s say at church and the baby starts crying what’s the immediate reaction?

Everyone turns around as if to say “Shut that baby up”.

You know my opinion on this.

And while mainstream society has lots of good parts, emotional intelligence is one area they’re completely fucked up.

I believe:

  • Behind your anger is your power.
  • Behind your sadness is your compassion.
  • Behind your fear is your love.

Understanding this is the key to mastering your emotions.

Imagine emotions as being two sides of a same coin.

Anger and power share a coin. Sadness and compassion share a coin. Fear and love share a coin.

When you learn to feel through and express the negative emotion, the opposite positive emotion is left behind.

This is how you become a grounded, strong individual.

Take sadness. When you learn to feel through and express sadness, compassion is left behind. And compassion is a gift you can give to the world.

Having compassion and empathy gives you DRIVE and MOTIVATION to help those in need!

It gives us the ability to connect with those who are suffering, and inspire them to grow stronger.

Compassion is not possible unless you’ve experienced sadness.

Let’s take another example: Anger.

I define “power” as your ability to get results in your own life, and make an impact on the world.

Power is a high-energy state. It’s a feeling of certainty. A feeling of power. A feeling of confidence.

Power is the emotion of the WARRIOR.

And the best way to tap into your natural, god-given power is to master your anger.

Anger is ungrounded aggression. Power is grounded aggression.

To tap into that grounded aggression, you must learn how to deal with the years of repressed anger that you’ve built up.

Repress your anger and the warrior emotion of power is left behind.

And what about fear.

The emotion that screws people up more than anything else is FEAR.

Yet, when you master your fear and learn to dance with it, you tap into LOVE.

If we have the courage to push past that which scares us – we are rewarded with the emotion of love.

For example, let’s say you’re afraid to love fully in your romantic relationship.

Maybe you’re afraid of your partner leaving you, so you hold back. But in the process, you hurt both you AND your partner.

In this case, fear is screwing you up!

But if you push past that fear, by exercising your courage, you’ll be rewarded.

As the fear in your body turns to love, your partner will notice, your connection will become stronger and stronger and your relationship will flourish.

You cannot live a great life until you learn to dance with fear.

Here’s the great thing:

You get to play this game however you choose.

You can continue to repress your anger, sadness and fear if you wish.

You can continue to play it safe having negative emotions run your life.

You can continue to live a life of fear rather than love.

And if that’s what you decide to do, no judgement here. This journey is HARD!

But if you want to embark on this journey, I’d like to invite you to Grounding Camp.

Grounding Camp is a 3-day event where we’ll use meditation, bioenergetics and group exercises to learn to master these negative emotions.

We’ll root out our weaknesses replacing them with strength.

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You’ll be feeling and processing emotions you’ve repressed for years. Perhaps even for decades.

But I promise you the rewards will be worth it.

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