Bench Press EVERYDAY…?

At some point in our lifting careers each of us WILL experience
a plateau.

This is when gains begin to slow down and ultimately come to
a screeching halt.

There is nothing worse that reaching this point of “diminishing

To work just as hard only to take home far less, is not only
frustrating, it can be down right depressing.

My friend Brad Pilon has come to discover that many of us meet
such plateaus as a result of “Anabolic Burnout” or slow down.

He as also determined that the loss of muscle gains associated with
burnout can not be corrected with diet or your typical workout

What is needed is a DRASTIC shock to our physiology that
literally re-awakens our potential.

He calls this drastic shock-type workout routine…
“Compound Cluster Cycling”

First, a warning about this system.

It is for ADVANCED lifters only. People who have been training
for at least 10 years.
Next, you will need to approach this 12 week “shock” with an open
One of the most shocking things in his program, to me, is the fact
that he suggest we train upper body for 7 days straight…

…followed by lower body workouts for the next 7 days.
That’s right!

A full week of bench pressing followed by a full week of squatting.

Did I mention that this program was “drastic” and for “advanced lifters”

Once again… if you have been lifting for over 10 years have noticed
a dramatic reduction in your ability to gain mass and muscle, then
I’d invite you to give Brad’s Compound Cluster Cycles a try.

It’s only 12 weeks long, so you can go back to your regular routine
after this “shock therapy”.


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Have had good results with a powerlifting style periodization approach.. most bodybuiders just keep grinding on hypertrophy reps all their lives.. deloading, speed and explosiveness are so important..

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