The BIG BOOBS and Pot Belly Paradox

There aren’t too many things that irritate me more than the plastic
smiles, orange skin and over inflated breasts of those whom the
mainstream media deem as “the beautiful people”.

To me, there is NOTHING beautiful about these shallow, lifeless
characters and their fabricated sexuality.

But the fact is that they are the models that society imitates.

They’re also a representation of what society has been conditioned to
believe is sexy.

Over-sized liquid-filled breasts, that will never once be used for their
most vital function of nourishing newborns, is not only ugly… it is an
attack on our sexuality.

Only people who have been robbed of their vitality and sensuality
would find this type of fabricated physique attractive.

Sexuality is RAW and ANIMAL-LIKE. (not fake and propped up)

It about embodying your aggression, passion and sensuality… sounds,
sweat, funky-smells and all!

According to several of the Martial Arts, the main reservoir for our
sexual energy is a tiny spot about 2″ below your belly button.

They call this area “The Dan Tien”, loosely meaning “field of life”.

When we are relaxed and free from the common neurosis of society,
this area “hangs-loose” with peace and vibrant sexual energy. (like a
baby’s belly)

But when it is held tight it cuts off you body’s ability to fill the
reservoir with vital energy that contributes to REAL sexuality.

It is interesting that the same “neurotically beautiful” people who nip
and tuck their bodies to give the appearance of vitality…

ALSO tend to hold their most potent “sex battery” tight, cutting off
any sexual feelings that they may have actually had!

What’s worse, is that this band of tension around the lower
intestines and abdominals forces the lower belly to be “squeezed
up” giving people the appearance of having a POT BELLY.

A normal, relaxed belly that is filled with sex and vitality, fully
extends all the way down to a personal sexual organs with each

When using the Anabolic Energizer exercises pay close attention
to the “depth” of your breath.

Are you breathing shallow, like a sexually ridged person?

Or are you relaxing your belly to allow a full bioenergetic charge?

Also, if find that you are often tense in the lower abdominal area,
where the Tan Tien is located… use several of the “Vortex 2”
exercises in the Anabolic Energizer’s video course.

I have to admit that I also tend to become very tense in this area,
but if I am mindful of my breathing I feel an instant flood of vital
energy though out my entire body.

I also experience a more embodied sense of my own aggressive
male sexuality.

You and I are GROWING STRONGER everyday,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Seriously, Elliott, your courage, will, and focused delivery are not only a true inspiration to learn & “model” from, but they provide an oasis of Truth that is sorely lacking in Cyberspace (and perhaps within the culture at large in general). Nearly three months later, and mine appears to be the only comment left for this controversial, apparently unnerving, but otherwise wonderful contribution!

    There’s a long history of society’s attitudes repressing sensuality/sexuality, and we are individuals of society, so sexuality (and vitality or lack of vitality) can emotionally & mentally affect a great many of us & the ones we care about. I believe that this posting here resonated like thunder in the hearts (and perhaps even the loins) of most readers, one way or another. I myself thought to comment here now only because I know what it is to be inundated by society’s views of sexuality, and so understand the difficulty in saying ANYTHING. What a complex subject, one that affects the intimate relations of us all in unique ways.
    Thanks again for posting such bold messages that resonate so well, despite being a bit “counter-culture” to a commonly accepted belief-structure. You not only present yourself as intelligent, but deliver and articulate WAY more effectively than almost ALL others I’ve seen & read, EVEN concepts that may bend and stretch a person’s mind a bit further, stimulating deep inner growth towards developing that Strongest Version of Ourselves. You’re a man who genuinely cares to improve his world by empowering the people of it, as can be evidenced by all the free material you offer containing a wealth of info woven from a variety of sources. Thanks again for doing what you do, and for sharing all that you share.

    Blessings & greatness to you & your family.

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