The Biggest Challenge For Millennials

Back when I was making daily “Yo Elliott” videos on YouTube, I would receive thousands of questions every single month.

Most of my audience is between 16 and 30, so I got a lot of questions from Millennials.

A staggering number of those questions went something like this:

  • “Elliott, I feel depressed”.
  • “Elliott, I don’t know what my passion is”
  • “Elliott, I don’t feel excited about school, work or life”.

Do you see the pattern?

The Millennial’s (anyone born after 1982 counts as a Millennial)are DISASSOCIATED. They are stuck in their heads, ignoring their bodies and suffering with depression, lack of passion and lack of relationships in their lives.

This problem of dissociation is more significant for Millennials than any other generation.

Because they are stuck in their heads, many Millennials feel depressed. That dense, negative energy which comes from obsessive thinking depresses their energy and makes them feel depressed, apathetic and anxious.

It’s affecting their careers also. So many people speak about “passion” because so few people actually have it!

And perhaps most importantly, our young people are struggling to have deep, intimate lasting relationships.

You would think that with all the advancements in everything from contraception to online dating, that Millennial’s would be having record levels of sex.

Instead, they are having less sex, more women say they don’t have a very high sex drive, and more men are having problems
with erectile dysfunction.

We’ve gotten so stuck in our heads that 20 year olds are having problems getting it up! Something has to change!

The reason for these problems is simple: Our young people are stuck in their heads and forgotten how to trust their bodies.

As Tony Robbins says, “If you’re in your head, you’re dead!”

Our young people today are taught to idolize their minds. To trust rationality, science and experts above all else.

It’s time to embrace the intelligence of our bodies.

It’s time to learn to listen to our intuition, feel our feelings and begin to trust ourselves again.

It’s time to get out of our heads and into our heart and balls. Because this is the ONLY way for the suffering to end.

I talk about head, heart and balls as a metaphor. But it represents the three parts of your brain.

Inside your brain, you have 3 layers.

The first layer is the “balls brain” or the “medulla”.

Your medulla (also called the “reptilian brain”) sits right on top of your spinal cord. This is the part of your brain that beats your heart, grows your fingernails, and digests your food. It’s the primal part of your brain.

The second layer of your brain is the “cortex” or “heart brain”.

This layer is also called the “mammalian brain”. It’s responsible for your emotions and for all of your feelings of love.

So if you feel happy, sad, ecstatic, joy, bliss, anger, frustration, sexual, love, excited or any other emotion, it’s your “heart brain” that is causing it.

Finally, we have the “head brain”. Also called the “neocortex” or “human brain”.

This part of your brain is mathematical, reasonable, and factual.

Your head brain has “information”. It has justifications. It allows us to speak.

What we’re taught is to listen exclusively to our neocortex or “human brain”. In doing so we ignore our mammalian brain and reptilian brain. This means we shut down our emotions and kill our instincts.  

When I ask you to get out of your head and into your body, I’m asking you to listen less to your neocortex (head brain) and instead pay more attention to your cortex (mammalian brain) and medulla (balls brain).

When I suggest you listen to the calling in your heart, or to trust your gut, I’m telling you to trust your instincts and feelings, rather than purely listen to your thoughts.

I’m encouraging you to get in touch with the spontaneity of your body.

We want to fix our lives from our head, but life happens spontaneously through our bodies.

To overcome our depression, find our passion and be able to fall head over heels in love, we need to listen less to our head brain, and more to our heart and balls.

You might be asking “That all sounds great Elliott, but HOW do I do that?”

This work is exactly what we’ll be doing at Grounding Camp.

Grounding Camp is a 3-day workshop where we’ll be using Bioenergetics, Osho Active Meditations, Life Mastery and group activities to get out of your heads and into our bodies.

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– Elliott