12 Birthday Rituals (today)

Today is my 38th birthday.

My first birthday text came at 5:13 from our newest shining star coach at Strength Camp, Nick.

Then from my buddy, and fellow Aires, Yahya Bakkar at 5:45.

And at 7:25 my dad sent me a happy birthday text along with this picture from my 6 year old birthday party.

Unlike previous years, this year I am not celebrating in the traditional sense.

Parties, lots of people and presents have lost their appeal to me.  Its not that these things aren’t good, but these days I am tapped into something else.  Something bigger and better… at least in my mind.

Over the years I’ve learned that my birthday (and all of our birthdays) are like our personal New Years Day.

Every January the Gregorian Calendar is renewed and we enter a new annual cycle.

Every April the E. Hulsian Calendar is renewed and I enter a new chapter in my life.

The best time of the year to take stock of how you’ve grown in the previous 12 months and take time to visualize and affirm how you would like the next 12 months to unfold — is on your birthday.

Instead of getting boozed up and stupid on your B-day, try instead to take full advantage of the new energy by becoming MORE conscious, MORE aware, MORE decisive, dedicated and disciplined than ever before.

So in honor of The First Day of the E. Hulsian New Year I’ve outlined 12 Ways I Celebrate With Awareness 

  1. Allow It To Unfold – This has become my mantra in recent years.  The “New Elliott”, as so many refer to me as now, no longer tries to force things to go his way.  I’ve discovered how much energy and time I’ve lost over the years by resisting what is, and trying to bend reality with my ego.I’ve begun to let go to allow people, ideas, events and circumstances to come to me, rather than me grasping and clawing for it.When I allow things to unfold, all of my hopes, dreams and desires seem to effortlessly make their way into my life, without the headaches and heartaches of “grinding” or going against the grain.

    Today, I set my intentions, I write down my goals… and when people ask me how things are coming along I just tell them “I’m watching it unfold.”

  2. Awake With The Sun –  This morning I headed east as I drove my oldest daughter to school.  Today our drive was timed exactly as the sun was peaking over the horizon.  I only had about 60 seconds at the traffic light to take in the awesome sight, but I smiled big and allowed my eyes to absorb a fraction of nourishment from The Giver Of Life.All physical life on earth exists because the sun rises every day.  If the sun does not rise, life on earth will cease to exist.  We are inextricably linked to the sun, yet how often do we forget to appreciate or even acknowledge this bounty.Your birthday is the day that the sun rose over your entrance into existence.

    When we rise with the sun we honor the principle of death and rebirth, and the polarity which animates life.Today is your day, only because the sun says so.

  3. Honor Your Body –  This morning I got out of bed at my usual time (5:15 am) and headed downstairs to walk on the treadmill in my garage.  It was still dark and cool outside so I had the garage door open to allow in the sweet bay breeze.Later, when I complete this blog post, I am going to do a Detox Yoga session.  This consists of lots of twists and deep breathing for purification.  This afternoon I am going to head to the gym for my strength training session, and all day I will be filling my body with only the most nourishing foods I can afford.Tonight, I’ll enjoy some birthday berries and get to bed by 8:30; thus keeping all of my rhythms in tact and my body-mind sharp.Most people use their birthday as an excuse to abuse themselves with junk food, alcohol and late nights.  We use our birthdays as an opportunity to love ourselves aggressively.
  4. Plant Powerful Mental Seeds – The first thing I do most mornings is listen to my prerecorded affirmations using this awesome little app.But today I did something different.  Instead I listened to this Abraham Hicks YouTube video I found this weekend.I think I might listen to this everyday in place of my affirmations this year.

    We’ll see how it unfolds ;)

  5. Receive Your New Mission -“In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens. God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left for you” – The AlchemistToday had just begun, but I’ve already started to take notice of the little things happening around me.  It is the most seemingly insignificant things that hold the message about whats going to be important in this new chapter.

    One of my teachers told me to pay attention to the dreams, thoughts, people and circumstances that show up during the days surrounding my birthday.  She says that these are the days in which the omens will reveal your mission for the new year.

    If you don’t keep a journal year-round, then at least keep a journal of the five days surrounding your birthday.  For me it would be the 8th, 9th, 10th (B day), 11th and 12th.

    Yesterday I read my birthday journal from last year and I am shocked at how all of the things that happened around those day unfolded in the last 12 months.For instance, I held my first Grounding Camp (then called Dynamic Meditation Camp).  Since then I’ve held three more sold out Grounding Camps, visited Berlin to upgrade my experience of Dynamic Meditation with a mentor, and have planned three more camps this year… one of which has already sold out.

    Another circumstance from my 2016 birthday journal was the launch of my King Book.  Since then we’ve sold over 10,000 copies and today only have a few left before we discontinue the print editions of the book and move onto my next big publishing project.

  6. Stay On Your Path – Recently I’ve received ton of new clarity about where my path leads, and I’ve already begun to take right-action in the direction of that path.

    Staying on my fitness path means doing Yoga and strength training today as I plan every Monday.

    Staying on my professional path means writing this blog post, and adding a new section to my new book (more on that later).Staying on my spiritual path means meditating and planting powerful mental seeds (mentioned above).

    Staying on my relationship path means being available for my wife and children when they need my love or support in any way I can provide.

  7. Embrace Structure – As my birthday neared I felt a desire to bring more structure into my days ahead.  I was led to the book “The Perfect Day Formula” by Craig Ballantyne.In the book he makes a wonderful case for placing discipline and structure as a priority in your life.
    This can be accomplished by structuring every waking moment of your day.  Have a plan, a script, by which you accomplish everything you deem important… thus creating your “perfect day” every day.
  8. I AM that I AM – I have a list of 15 affirmations that I listen to and repeat to myself every day.  Amongst the affirmations are ones that pertain to health, wealth, family and spirituality.But the one that settles them all is “I Am that I Am”.This is such a powerful affirmation because its open-ended.  There is no need to do anything, there is no need for anxiety, there is no need to be worried or concerned about the future, or how things are going to unfold; there is only full faith that I AM.

    After you write your goals, visualize your perfect day, intend all that you want to be, have and do, bring everything full circle by stating “…and I AM that I AM. Amen“.

  9. Tap In With Tapas – This morning on my way back home after dropping my daughter at school I started to get a slight headache between my eyes.  When my body talks, I listen because it is usually an indication of something begin cleared on the emotional level.Everything that happens on the physical level, must first appear in the spiritual, mental and then emotional levels.  This is the way ALL manifestation happens.  Everything that is physical, started in the non-physical (energy). So when I notice physical symptoms in my body, I immediately bring focus and healing attention to that spot.

    The pain between my eyes reminded me of a powerful acupressure technique I’ve used for years to dissolve stress and resolve un processed trauma (we all have some).  Its called the Tapas Techniques, and when I used it for 60 seconds at the traffic light my headache went away and suddenly I felt like smiling.

    When I got home I was so happy to have remembered this technique (was it an omen?) that I found this YouTube video and sent it to my mother to try.

  10. Take Stock In What You’ve Got – One suggestion in The Perfect Day book I mentioned earlier is to keep a small gratitude journal.  It really doesn’t have to be a big deal, you just write down one or two things that you’re thankful for today.At the end of each day I write a few sentences in my journal outlining the happenings of the day.  Then at the end of my entry I simply write, today I am grateful for ______. Fill in the blank.

    I’ve been keeping journals since I began strength training at the age of 14.  I still have those hold high school and college journals, sometimes I look through then just to see how far I’ve come.

    Yesterday I began a brand new training journal in a fresh notebook where I will track 12 months of workouts, as well as my biggest challenges and successes on my fitness journey.

  11. A Good Day To Die – One of my favorite books is The 50th Law by Robert Green and 50 Cent. The book is all about courage and fearlessness.  How to have the courage to do your life’s work without fear.In the book he states all kinds of fears which hold people back from being their best, but the ultimate fear… is the fear of death.  The fear of death is the foundation of all other fears, and it is the one we feign to look at the most.

    Today death is relegated to hospitals, funeral homes and graveyards on the city limits.  This all keeps us far removed from what might be the most compelling reason for living life to the fullest… it will all be over soon.

    The more we choose to look at the reality of death and our own mortality, the more we begin to see every moment as a gift to be cherished.Just like you’ve got a birthday, you’ll have a death-day.  Don’t stress about it, but its good to acknowledge it once in a while; and what better day than today?

  12. Wear Your Crown – Some people get confused when I call myself King, they think maybe I’m claiming sovereignty over others.The truth is that being a King has everything to do with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical alignment.To be a King is to be your strongest self.

    And to be your strongest self means you live a life of empowering others.

    Kings bless.

    Kings provide.Kings bring order to their own lives, so they can have enough strength and stability to be a rock for others to lean on and gain stability from.

    Today I’ll wear my birthday crown, honor my body, plant positive mental seeds, stay on my path and Be The Strongest King I can be… for others.