Blood-shot eyed Red Bull Addicts giving bad advice

What up young Warrior-King,

Even if you’re 88 years of age, you’re still a Warrior-King
here on Planet Hulse.

If you’re reading this newsletter chances are that you’re
disciplined, decisive, and devoted to being The Strongest 
Version Of Yourself.

Your desire to grow stronger makes you a King.

And your unwavering DAILY commitment to reading my
newsletter, training, meditating, eating right and sleeping 
makes you a Warrior. 

Yup, a SLEEPING Warrior is a strong warrior…

He honors his mind and physiology enough to support it’s
repair and growth by sleeping 7-10 hours per night.

I bet you won’t hear most other Internet Gurus tell you that
sleep is for the strong.

Instead, they tell you that you need to hustle (or “crush it”)
even more, and sleep / rest less.

But however you slice it, that sounds like masochistic torture
and mental slavery to me.

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Famous ol’ King E here can tell you from experience (not from
some Instagram quote card), that getting adequate sleep requires
devotion and disciple just like any other purposeful commitment.

Let the blood-shot eyed, Red Bull addicts slur their lame
motivational hype to the uninitiated.

The Kings of Planet Hulse don’t kill ourselves for success;
instead we honor our health, and work to bring alignment
between our bodies, minds and heart-felt dreams.

A Warrior-King is a balanced warrior.

Over worked, over caffeinated, coked-up, brittle bone
IG baton twirlers love to blow their horns… but their tune is
off key.

Kingship requires keen sensitivity to your inner state.  

We have low tolerance for hormonal roller coasters, and
self inflicted punishment.

So, we treat our bodies with as much care as “the social
media success gurus” treat their candy-red Lambos.


Here is a large slice of value for you to chew on today:

Life is governed by Rhythms, and the better we align ourselves
with these natural rhythms… the closer we walk with God, Tao or
our True Nature.

All of nature responds in kind with the seasons of the year;
Animals migrate and trees drop their leave.

All of nature responds in kind the with the daily positions of the sun;
Even plants go to sleep and the soil goes cold.

Your hormones, your energy and even your breathing
operates by abiding to rhythms.

The secret to King-like success is to honor these rhythms
and allow them the carry you like a surfboard on a wave
towards your destination.

You can’t leave your body behind while you journey, so
be sure to fortify it with the strength it needs to succeed.

Here is a comprehensive course on fortifying your body,
so that the journey of growing stronger doesn’t destroy
you… but instead, will make you stronger.

It was created by my brother Eric, who happens to be a
physiological strength wizard… and organic farming

Check it out:

Keep Spreading Your Strength and Light,
Elliott “The Internal War General” Hulse

PS – Here are three YouTube videos I’ve made all about
and honoring your biological rhythms:

Can’t Sleep & It’s Ruining My Gains <–

Tired All The Time? <–

I Can’t Sleep Because I’m Thinking Too Much <—

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