The Bodybuilding PUMP

In This Mass-Building Video:

*The “Holy Grail” of every workout: the “PUMP”! Does it mean anything?
*How to program your muscle fibers like a computer to GROW and GROW!
*Why the “experts” poo-poo the “pump”…and why they’re dead WRONG!

Ever see those documentary television shows “Animals Gone Wild”? (no…NOT “GIRLS Gone Wild”! A-N-I-M-A-L-S!)

You know…the ones where normally docile animals scratch, claw, kick, bite, peck, gnaw, or otherwise DEVOUR another animal right before your eyes?

Well, here’s a challenge for you…

Throw a hundred fitness consultants in a room and ask them to debate whether or not that huge “PUMP” you get in the gym is REALLY building you any muscle…or if it’s just a useless ego booster…then watch them start scratching out eyes as the debate heats up! ;-)

Yep…tempers flare on this topic and opinions are all over the board…so how would you like a little help from the scientific community on whether or not you should be ignoring the pump…or whether it’s your best friend in the gym?

The answer may SURPRISE you!

Amaze your friends with your bodybuilding brilliance as you bring the next “pump” argument to a screeching halt with the no-nonsense verdict you’re about to learn in this short VIDEO LESSON!

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