Four Audible Books I’m Listening To Now (April 2017)

Earlier this week in my birthday blog post I mentioned how important it is to take notice of what’s going on in your life (people, dreams, coincidences, omens, tendencies, attraction etc)  during the days surrounding your birthday.

I first learned how powerful, accurate and resourceful this practice is from Stephanie Azaria.

I’ve been receiving coaching from Stephanie for about a year now, and I love it.  I don’t have time to go into the details of what our coaching is about, but she calls it “The Cosmic Path Of Initiations” and it is based on Cosmic Consciousness.  You can learn more at her website.

When I was younger whenever I walked into a new person’s home I would immediately be drawn to their libraries.  I figured that by looking at what a person reads I could learn a lot about that person before we even spoke.  If the person had no books, I had my judgements about that too.

Later when I began holding small workshops and clinics at Strength Camp I would open the first day with introductions.  I would ask each person a series of questions, including “what books are you reading now”.

This gave everyone in the room an opportunity to know each others interests, and gain some insight about one another without too much conversation.

For several reasons that I’ll explain another time, I don’t follow these practices much any longer. There is far more to people that can’t be known simply by what they’re consuming.

Also, I don’t really read too many books anymore.  Instead I listen to audiobooks while driving, training, cooking, or catching some sun in my backyard.

Anyway, as I am taking notice of what I’m attracted to these days surrounding my 38th birthday I could not help but take an objective look at the books I’ve been listening to.

So, I decided to share four of them with you here.

Malcom X: The End Of White World Supremacy – I was led to this book yesterday after a friend mentioned twice in three days that I reminded her of Malcom X.  This was the first book I found on Audible.  It contains four of his speeches before parting with the Nation of Islam.

Very powerful and decisive, if you’re easily offended you might want to skip this book.  If you’re a realist and can absorb shock, you’ll enjoy it.

Mastery by Robert Greene- This is probably the fifth time I’m listening to this.  When I drive my oldest daughter to school I like to play books that she and I can both enjoy.  As soon as I played her a sample of Mastery (the section on finding your calling), she perked up.  So we have been listening to it every morning on our 20 min drive to school for the last few weeks.

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success by Deepak Chopra – As my businesses continue to grow in size and complexity I like to keep my mind fresh with new business ideas.  Most new business and entrepreneurship books bore me.  About 10 years ago a friend lent me this book by Chopra and I loved it, I would say that much of my success has come by abiding by his seven spiritual laws contained therein.

I purchased this one on Tuesday and have since listened to it twice.  It’s only about 90 mins long. Highly recommend.

Genghis Khan and The Making Of The Modern World – A few weeks ago I saw a post which contained the following passage from this book.

“In keeping with his own sober manner and simple style of living, Genghis Khan warned them against the pursuit of a ‘colorful’ life with material frivolities and wasteful pleasures.  ‘It will be easy’, he explained, ‘to forget your vision and purpose once you have find clothes, fast horses, and beautiful women’.  In that case, ‘you will be no better than a slave, and you will surely lose everything.”

As soon as I read this I knew I needed to learn more about Khan.

I resonate deeply with this sentiment and try to live this way personally.  In the last year or so I have adopted a uniform, wearing the same thing every day.  I also traded in my Range Rover a few years back for an old Nissan truck.  This is not to say that I’m against nice things (and I can afford them), I’ve just learned over the years that I operate best under conditions of simplicity.

I’m about 1/2 way through the book, which I usually listen to when doing cardio.  I love history, and I’m really enjoying this book.  What I loved most about Khan was how he treated everyone as equals, and judged others not by their lineage (which was the practice at the time), but by ability.

So, that’s what’s up in my mind.

If you’re reading this on FB fanpage leave a comment about what you’re listening to or reading now.  And don’t worry, I won’t judge you ;)