Your Brain & MONSTER BODY Mystery

I just got back from a short trip to Las Vegas where I saw
something that has been a riddle to mankind for thousands
of years.

But before I tell you about this Brain & Muscle Mystery, I
wanted to let you know about the “super simple” payment
plan that I created for the next STRENGTHOLOGY
workshop in June.

Here are the details:

Now… about the mystery.

Sitting in front of one of the Las Vegas hotels is a sculpture
from Egypt that has the head of a man and the body of a lion!

They call this “The Sphinx”.

There are many ideas about the symbolism of this ancient

One such idea is that it symbolizes the duel nature of

We are part “god-like”.

Which is symbolized by the snake crown and eyes looking
towards heaven.

We are part “beast-like”.

Which is symbolized by body of a beast attached to the
human head.

I especially like this theory since I have been doing tons
of research on how the suppression of our “animal-like”
instincts causes many of our modern diseases.

Basically, we have attached a greater emphasis on the
development of our “god-like” (head) nature than our
“animal-like” (body) nature.

A byproduct of this over emphasis on the head is the
suppression of our natural sex drives, libido and vitality.

The suppression of these instincts is the root of many of the
common neurosis’ we see around us today.

We’ve become like caged animals, imprisoned by our own

Of course this idea goes MUCH deeper and has a lot to do
with various forms of psychological castration and societal
conditioning. (a rant for another day)

In the meantime, the best advice I can give you is to
continue to train your body and become sensitive to what it
tells you.

Your “head brain” is NOT the only brain you have!

While in Vegas I did not have access to my barbells and
stones :)

But I DID have access to my “animal body” so I trained with
it just as hard as I would a barbell.

Here is the bodyweight workout course I followed while

These workouts only require your bodyweight… and they

The squat workout alone might make you puke, you can
try them out here.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – If you’ve ever heard of Convict Conditioning, this course
is the 2nd one in the series.

I’ve been using it and a few other bodyweight programs to
get stronger without bulking up.

We’ll talk more about that later!

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