10,000 tiny BRAINS in your MUSCLE

A few weeks ago I posted this fascinating image of
the human nervous system on my Facebook wall.

I personally added the caption “Your body is your

And my point is clearly demonstrated by how the
“head-brain” literally grows down into the body via
the spinal chord and the entire peripheral nervous

The fact is that all of the muscles and organs in your
body are animated by commands from the nervous

That is why I am always talking about training your
nervous system rather than spouting off about training
muscles like the other flash-in-the-pan trainers in the

Each branch of the peripheral nervous system breaks
off into “ganglia”, or nervous command centers.

These different ganglia reach deep into all of the organs
and tissue associated with it.

For example, the Celiac Ganglia breaks from the spinal
chord and reaches into the stomach, liver, gallbladder,
spleen, kidney, small intestine, and the ascending and
transverse colon.

Within each of these individual muscles and organs the
nervous system breaks down into even smaller branches
where they literally act as tiny little brains with the body

You can only imagine just how important the nervous
system is to the function of every single process in our

And if something is amiss, perhaps there is an interference
with the lines of communication between the central
nervous system (“head-brain”) and the tiny “body-brains”…

…EVERYTHING can be destroyed!

All of your efforts in training the muscle will be lost if the
nervous system is not properly balanced.

That is why I dedicated Module #1 of my Advanced
Neuromuscular Strength
course to teaching you how to
identify and correct nervous system imbalances.

This is a highly complex and misunderstood science that
only a handful of coaches and trainers are even aware of.

But I am committed to sharing absolutely everything I know
about becoming the strongest version of yourself, with YOU.

And that is why I’ve created this home study course to support
you on your journey as a person and as a professional.


Like I said yesterday…

…Not everyone is going to be as fascinated as me and my
STRENGTHOLOGY students with how to body works and
maximizing it’s potential.

So I am only looking for 1% of my newsletter readers to take
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Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Great post and perspective on this E! Amazing how much people think of their bodies as a bunch separate parts instead of a WHOLE unit…remember the old saying, “any chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

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