Breathing Trick To Increase Deadlift Strength

You’ve probably heard me say weird things like
“you’ve got to breathe into you balls!” in some
of my videos.

It turns out that I’m not the only crazy strength coach
who has discovered the power of deep breathing for
strength and performance.

Below is an excerpt from Deadlift Dynamite where
Pavel describes a powerful exercises that will add
pounds to your pulling strength.

“Breathe Into Your Groin”

p. 185 Deadlift Dynamite

“The breathing technique you are about to learn will not
only improve your swing,it will make your deadlift
stronger, and your back safer.

Bob Peoples had to be one of the first deadlift masters
to notice that breathing into the chest made his back
longer and his pull harder. He realized that breathing
into his belly was the ticket.

Development of diaphragmatic breath does not have to
be a tedious contemplation of your navel for hours.

Meditation has its benefits but activating your diaphragm
is not high on that list. I will teach you a technique I was
taught in a Russian special forces’ dive school.

It accomplished three goals.

The first two you might not care about—a more economical
use of the air from your scuba tank and a greater breath
holding time for free diving.

But the third benefit— a tremendous activation of the
diaphragm and an instant understanding of what karate great
Mas Oyama meant by “breathing into your groin”—is right
down your alley.

Even if you are already good at diaphragmatic breathing, the
straw breathing drill will make you even better.

Lie on your back and pinch off your nose. Preferably with a
diver’s nose clip, but your fingers will do. Just make a point
to arrange your arm in a way that minimizes its fatigue.

Stick a drinking straw in your mouth and breathe. — That’s it.

Once you have done it comfortably for a few minutes, replace
the straw with a double length straw you have prepared in
advance by taping two straws together lengthwise with sticky
office tape.

You might start running out of breath but don’t panic.

You will quickly learn that the only way you can make it is by
making very long, deep, and complete inhalations and

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