Bro, do you even lift?

There is nothing worse that busting you ass in the gym
only to get crappy results.

You work hard, but still look like you don’t even lift!

I’ve not only seen this happen to some dudes, but I used to
have a client who suffered from this problem.

Here is a little bit about this guy….

– He was about 35 years old.

– He worked from home as a graphics designer.

– He had a weird relationship with his mom, she still did
his laundry and he consulted with her before doing ANYTHING.

– Although he was straight, he was very effeminate. Meaning
that his body and mannerisms were very woman-like.

– He smoked weed almost every day.

Now, when this guy came to me he had a very soft, fat and
clammy body with almost zero muscle mass.

Most of his body fat accumulated around his chest (boobs) and
hips. Similar to what you find in women.

At the time I didn’t understand the impact of how the physiology
and energetic processes within a person effected their muscular

I didn’t have my 4 Layers Of Strength model, where I teach
clients that strength is not only a function of muscular contraction,
but an expression of “Physiological” and “Energetic” Strength.
(I’ll be writing a book all about this very soon)

So, I trained him just like I would anyone else.

We lifted weights, did cardio and I gave him a reduced calorie

This did NOT work!

After 6 months of training and dieting this dude looked almost
exactly the same. I wanted to blame him for being a punk, but
the truth was that he did everything I asked him to do… and still
got ZERO results.

What the f*ck was going on here!?!?

Today I realize that this dude could have continued training with
me for another 6 years and he would continue to look like he
didn’t even lift.


First, his hormones were all messed up. He was secreting estrogen
and like a 14 year old girl.

So, physiologically he was damaged.

Why and how did his hormones get so damaged?

If we go one step deeper and consider the energetic processes going
on, based on his lifestyle, you can see that he was psychologically
trapped in a “mamma’s boy” stage of development.


Working from home is fine (even I do this sometimes), but the weird
incestual relationship he had with his mother, and the reliance on
marijuana smoke to curb neurosis is a clear indication that this man,
was still a boy!

And little baby-boys don’t secrete enough testosterone to burn off
baby-fat and build muscle…. no matter WHAT workout or diet you

You think I’m crazy?

Find me ONE grown man, who lives with his mommy, smokes weed
everyday and works from his bedroom… that ALSO has a lean, strong,
athletic looking MAN’S body.

I doubt you’ll find one.

You look like what you are!

If you are an ambitious, hard working, self-motivated, tough minded
man… you will look like one.

But if your a whiny, entitled, cowardly, momma’s boy… you will also
look like one.

You can’t change yourself by DOING something new, you must BE
the person you want to become in ALL areas of your life if you are
to ever embody the character of your dreams.

Grow Stronger (and grow up),
Elliott Hulse

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