How To Build “Ancient Greek Strength”

According to ancient Greek mythology, the Titan warrior
“Atlas” was punished for an act of betrayal.

He was sentenced to carry the world on his shoulders for

You might say that his punishment was actually a great

Imagine for a moment that Atlas decided to take a coffee
break, had to scratch his nose, or just became so weak that
he could no longer hold the world on his shoulders.

Everything would collapse! If Atlas even blinked… we
would all be dead.

Of course, this is all a myth.

But consider that every single healthy, human being on
earth as a bone in his body, located in his neck, called
The Atlas.

The Atlas bone is a vertebrae located at the base of your

It literally “holds the weight of your world”!

As the spinal chord descends from the cerebral cortex down
into your body through the tiny holes in your spine, it must
first pass through the Atlas.

You already know how sensitive your nervous system is.

If there is even a slight disruption of the impulses that travel
through your nervous network you will suffer pain and

Anyone who has had sciatica can attest to these statements.

Now, imagine that your personal Atlas, holding up the
weight of your world… became injured!

Imagine that he moved, even slightly, from the place where
he was intended to be.

What type of havoc might this create in your body?

For one, you’ll have a TON of muscle viruses that no matter
how much you stretch… will NOT go away!

And that is just the beginning.

This is a HUGE topic that deserves a ton of consideration
when developing training programs for yourself or your

Especially if becoming the strongest version of yourself is
you main objective.

That is why I have invited an expert in Atlas Orthogonal
to visit my gym next month for our Strengthology Level 1

I realize that before we get into all of the hands on work
of assessing and correcting Muscle Viruses… we must
FIRST consider how the muscles are receiving impulses
via the nervous system.

If this is not considered, then no amount of stretching and
exercises will create a truly balanced body.

There is still space to join us, and learn more about how
to assess and correct via this Atlas Orthogonal technique.


I invite you to do some research about the things I am
talking about in this e mail… it may make the difference
you’ve been looking for.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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