Build THIS Muscle To Burn Fat Faster

Yesterday I uploaded this new image to my Facebook Fanpage
profile. It’s from my strongman show this weekend.

After less than 30 seconds I began receiving comments about how
massive my quad look.

I’ve gotta admit that my genetics are pretty good when it comes to
leg muscles… but I also train em pretty hard too.

This got me thinking about how people with lots of muscle mass,
especially in the legs and back, seem to burn fat much faster and
easier than those without.

BIG muscles burn fat faster than puny ones.

This is good news for you “swollen” power lifters and other big boys
who read this newsletter.

It means that you’re a bigger, more powerful and efficient fat
burning machine than your skinner pals.

The only thing you’ve got to do now…. is work on your diet.

But if you’re like me and much rather pound the weights than count
calories… then you might want to try this simple system for fat loss.


It’s called The Renegade Diet and I’m personally using it to cut
about 10-15 pounds right now.

I’ll send you before and after pics in a few weeks.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – I have 100% confidence that the Renegade Diet will work…

Why? Because it is very similar to the LHM Reloaded meal plan
that I used to drop over 50 pounds back in 2010.

I’ll be talking more about the training method I am using with this
diet in a few weeks. Right now I am busy tweaking and testing it
to make sure it works well before telling all about it ;)






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  1. yo elliot whats the E.T.A. on your new gridiron program?? My training has already started and i want to implement your program ASAP. I cant even find a link for the old one which i would totally take at this point.

  2. Post

    Next week. It’ll be 50% too. I love it, its one of my best workout programs… we just created new DVDs and gave it a facelift.

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