We ALL start at the bottom of whatever ladder we’d
like to climb.

When I was at the bottom rung of this “Ladder of Growing
Stronger in Mind, Body and Business“…

…the one thing I always prayed for was someone to help

When we see people at the top, or higher up, on the
ladder we’re climbing, it is natural to desire a helping
hand from them.

I was blessed to have several “enthusiastic supporters” on
my way up.

Sometimes they would be random strangers, friends, and
even people in the books that I read would offer me support
via their words in print.

These were older men who have “been there” and were
glad to show a young buck like me a thing or two about
climbing the ladder.

Of all the great ideas and encouraging words that these
supporters shared with me on my journey…

...the most important insight that any one of them would
offer me was to call out my bullshit excuses!

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Often, when we’re lower on the ladder we tend to over-think
and over-complicate trivial matters, which causes us to stall
in our progress.

These are minor details that we let hold us back from reaching
our goals.

99.9% of the time, these bullshit excuses are a manifestation
of some unresolved fear… especially of the unknown.

But our enthusiastic supporter, who has already passed the test,
can immediately see how foolish our fears are.

For example, one young man who attended my last Yo Elliott
Live event in NYC….

…he was caught up in his bullshit excuse about having too
many bodily injuries to fulfill his dream of becoming a
personal trainer.

The instant he shared his excuse with me, I exclaimed that it

You see… I’ve already wrestled with self-defeating ideas about
myself that has held me back from moving forward in my life.

So when I see someone else wrestling with it, I can tell him,
from a place of wisdom that his best bet is to “get over it” and
move on.

It’s not that I’m uncaring or cold…

…its that I’ve been there and I can see how fruitless his efforts

There are still a few spots left to join me in San Diego for the
next Yo Elliott Live event, where I can call out YOUR bullshit
too :)

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Seriously, I want to be YOUR “enthusiastic supporter” as you
climb your ladder of strength.

I want to share ideas and encouraging words with you also.

But, I’ll also be brutally honest about your excuses and the ideas
that you’re letting hold you back.

It has been of the GREATEST importance to me, to have men
whom I admire call out my bullshit… and I want to give you
the same gift.

Join us here:

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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