This is called “Strength Evolution”



The nature of life on Earth is dynamic.

This means that everything is in a state of flux,
everything is always changing.

You might look at yourself in the mirror, or at the
trees outside and get a feeling that it and yourself
are somehow the same as yesterday.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

The truth is that each and every experience that
you have, during each and every second of the day
leads your mind, body and entire physiology down
a brand new path.

If you are sensitive to these subtle changes over time,
you will recognize a personal evolution taking course
in your body and your life.

Often, I consider the fluctuations in my physiology and
physical strength over the past 10 years.

10 years ago I was fresh out of college football where
the most important feat of strength for me was crushing
the 225 bench press test.

Then I spent several years studying and training with
“functional exercise”, using swiss balls and lots of core

Elliott in 2003

Elliott in 2003

Afterwards I began competing in the sport of Strongman
where I competed and became a nationally ranked pro.

Since tearing my biceps in early 2010 I have been slowly
bringing my attention back to building structural integrity
though addressing the nervous system and muscular

Today, I am ready to give myself fully to the exploration
of greater strength through functional and core training
once again.

This is what I mean by Strength Evolution.

No part of the evolution can take effect until previous
stages are addressed.

Basically, everything that I am today… is a by-product of
who I’ve chosen to be during each of the subsequent
stages of my evolution.

This is why I have ZERO regrets about anything in my

And the same goes for you.

Where are you today?

How did you get here?

Are you aware of the changes happening in your mind,
body and life?

Where will you go next?

Never become too attached to any particular version of

Allow yourself the freedom to evolve and continue to

…towards The Strongest Version Of Yourself.

No matter what that might look like.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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