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Yo guys this is Elliott with a message from the “German Elliott Hulse Fans” which was founded by my good friends Sebastian & Matthias Vogg, Manuel Bergmann and Felix Wunnike from Germany. The guys put together this community and they called it “German Elliott Hulse Fans”.

In this blog they are going to share who they are and why they founded the community.

They also got a video from one of their meet-ups where they do some really cool stuff. Check the video out below.

Now let’s hear it from them what they want to share. (Check out the german version of the blog here)




Maybe you have experienced the following situation: Somewhere in time you discovered a weird guy on YouTube with two different eye colors talking about incredible topics like strength training and philosophy that fascinate you. You were absolutely amazed by what this guy shares on his channel called “Strength Camp”. Because you loved it so much and it helped you out with some bad situation, you wanted to tell everybody – especially your friends.

You then went forward and told them “Yo dude I gotta share these amazing videos with you!”

And one or maybe two of your friends really dig it. But then there is this majority of so-called “friends” that tell you: “That guy is totally insane! I don’t have a clue what he is talking about! Why do you watch that?”

And there you are with a lot of people that tell you that your new-found mentor is just an illusion. To add to that, your parents also don’t really understand what all of this is. Sometimes they would even tell you that “Thinking this way is dangerous!” and maybe even “This guy sure is from scientology and he is trying to brainwash you!”

So you find yourself surrounded by people that do not appreciate your authentic feelings about somebody who finally brought meaning into your life.

It is this guy Elliott Hulse that planted a seed inside of you to “Be the strongest Version of Yourself and Inspire Others”.

But what do you do when this seed is constantly facing drought, chemicals being sprayed on it, hell, some people even trying to rip it right out of you!?

The question is: Is there an environment where we can simply be ourselves and be appreciated just as we are? To solve this problem we founded “German Elliott Hulse Fans”!

Especially in Germany there is a big lack in emotional self-expression and going your own unique way. A lot of people are very rigid and blocked – in their body, as well as in their mind (as we all learned from Elliott: How can the body and the mind be separated?).

The community “German Elliott Hulse Fans” is especially for young men in Germany around the ages of 16 – 35 (we do not exclude women or people older than 35 years; this is just the most relevant group). You can also be from Austria or Switzerland but should be able to speak German and have a passion for being your most authentic version.

We do meet-ups about every 1 to 3 months mostly in the south of Germany. Those Community meetings are all about Meditation, Movement, Nature Experience, Facing Your Fears, Being Barefoot, Feeling Free and all the things that contribute to us being the Strongest Version of Ourselves!

So if that all applies to you, please don’t miss out and click here!

This link leads you to our German-speaking website where you can enter into our Inner Circle of E-mail subscribers and be notified about all the meetups.

You will also get access to our free eBook “Die 6 Säulen Deiner Stärke” (in English “The 6 Pillars of Your Strength”) where you can explore our principles and philosophies deeper.

To get an impression of what the “German Elliott Hulse Fans” meetups are all about, go view the video below.



What happens when EIGHT like minded (crazy) individuals meet up and go for a “walk” in Bad Tölz? 😯

THIS! 😂😂😂

Thanks to Elliott Hulse for sharing his wisdom through all the years and by that creating the opportunity for us to know each other. <3

*video editing: Anton Rockenstein

Posted by German Elliott Hulse Fans on Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017


Thanks for your time and attention guys!

Keep on growing stronger,

Felix, Manuel, Matthias & Sebastian