This is about cancer

There is no need for me to go into all of the
scary statistics surrounding cancer.

We’ve all known someone who’s had cancer,
and many of us have had personal challenges
with it.

Of course all cancers are different, but today
scientists are looking more into the causes of
cancer than ever before.

One thing that the research as made very
clear is that many cancers are a by-product
of our lifestyles.

The food we eat.

The air we breathe.

The water we drink.

The way we exercise and move.

The thoughts we entertain…

all contribute to our vitality, or lack there of.

Cancer can be prevented through super simple
and practical lifestyle upgrades.

Cancer has even been cured in many cases
though simple adjustments to lifestyle.

My friend and owner of Living Fuel, KC Craichy
has earned awards for his contribution to cancer
research and support. 

KC also served on the Clinical Nutrition Review
Board (the certifying body of the International
and American Association of Clinical Nutrition)
for seven years.

This weekend KC and his wife Monica will be
contributors in The Truth About Cancer Ultimate
LIVE Symposium.

If you or anyone you know is challenged with
cancer right now, this might be a chance for you
to learn something new to support you.

Even if you don’t have cancer, there is no doubt
that having this information will come in handy.

Here is a short article where you can learn more
about it.

No matter what stands in our way, its always our
choice to stand up and face it… or sit down and
take it.

Keep growing stronger!