Cardio for Weight Loss- The Wrong Way

You are doing the wrong cardio workout. The weight loss cardio program you are using is wrong, wrong, wrong! Slow, boring cardio is not best for fat loss.

Recent research from Australia has shown that intervals works better than cardio. The female subjects did 3 workouts per week. Group 1 did intervals for 20 minutes. Group 2 did cardio for 40 minutes. The subjects in Group 1 lost more weight! So don’t rely on cardio for weight loss.

But a lot of people are doing intervals wrong as well.

Here are two ways that people do intervals wrong and that end up reducing the effectiveness of their workouts.

1) Don’t do them at the start of the workout.

Unless you want to wipe yourself out and make your strength training less than optimal, don’t start your workouts with the intervals.

You’ll get more results by doing your intervals at the end of the workout.

2) Don’t alternate between a strength training exercise and an interval.

If you do this, your strength work will suffer. Want to get 20% weaker in your lifts? Then just try to lift something after you have sprinted for 30-60 seconds. I guarantee you’ll be a lot weaker if you do that…but that’s the exact opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve with strength and interval training.

We want to be fresh and strong for our strength training exercises, and then finish the workout with energy-depleting, turbulence-promoting interval training.

Again, the bottom line: You’ll get more results by doing your intervals at the end of the workout.

I strongly believe it is best to separate the two methods…otherwise, the intervals knock the strength out of your “sails” so to speak, so that the results are not optimal.

Focus on the quality of training, not just on sweating up a storm.

Consistency is king, but you also have to follow a perfectly-structured plan,

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Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men’s Health and Oxygen magazines and will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment.

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