Change Everything Now

Lately I have been hooked on the fiction novels written
by Paulo Coelho. While on vacation I read 3 of them,
and I just started the fourth last night.

I don’t usually read fiction, but his books are all about
becoming the strongest version of yourself, so the stories
always resonate with me.

One theme that I’ve recognized throughout all of the stories
is the power of change.

It seems that the only way to advance in life or achieve
any sort of success…

…is to accept, appreciate and embrace CHANGE.

Life is so dynamic, and there are billions of variations
on the personal experiences that ONLY YOU can have.

This means that you should never limit yourself to a
single idea, philosophy, workout plan, nutrition strategy,
set of friends, career or geographic location.

You’ll need to get out there and try many different things
in order to see what works best for you, no matter what
anyone else says.

The problem is that we get comfortable.

And comfort is the killer of advancement.

There is no stronger version of you, without getting

When I say “get uncomfortable”, I don’t just mean work

…I mean do something so different from what you are
use to that it challenges you at the very core of your

If you have sworn off low intensity cardio, then challenge
yourself to walk for 60 minutes every day for a month.

If you have trained indoors all of your life, then go outside
and train in the hot sun.

If you have only eaten low fat diets, try a high fat diet.

There is no right or wrong.

There is only personal experience.

If you have sworn of a particular idea because someone
else told you that it is wrong, evil or sinful — how will you
ever know the truth if you never try it out for yourself?

If you give something new a fair chance, and it doesn’t
work… then just drop it and go back to what you know
works for you.

Don’t judge the thing that didn’t work for you.

Just know that it wasn’t for you. But it might be good for
someone else.

Now don’t get me wrong… I am NOT telling you to go out
and do something that you know can be harmful.

Don’t be stupid. I trust that you are intelligent enough to
know what is harmful without me having to spell it out
for you.

But do something NEW.

Anything… in any area of your life or training that you are
not satisfied with.

Do it RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait like you always have.

Go and ask out that girl you’ve been hesitating the talk to.

Go and begin your workout with my Bioenergtic Warm Up
routine, no matter who is watching you.

Go and hug your dad, even though he hasn’t hugged you
since you were a baby.

Go and turn on your favorite song, and begin to dance like
a madman… don’t stop until your are completely exhausted.

Go and do that forbidden thing.

It might turn out the be just the change that you needed to
propel you towards the stronger version of yourself!

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – In one of Paulo’s books, he and a friend decided to stand
in the street to beg for money… even though they had enough.

The reason they did this was to build personal humility and
come in touch with the reality that we all need each other.

This might sound crazy or irresponsible to you… but I’m sure
if you tried it, something in your character might be awakened.

Stop reading and thinking about life… go and experience it.

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  1. It’s funny I decided to makes some changes yesterday which are starting to be carried out today, and you write this article. Amazing. You wrote what I was living and awakening to, yesterday.

    “Don’t judge the thing that didn’t work for you.” This part, I hadn’t come too yet in my journey yesterday, and I am glad you wrote it, since I will carry out today. This was one lesson I hadn’t learned. I am glad you wrote it, since it has given me so much peace of mind.

    Thanks Elliot.

    PS. One of the things that helped me start my journey was being a part of your inner circle.

  2. Hi Elliot,

    I deeply thankful for that you are willing to share good information!

    i saw one of your youtube videos in regards to squat and you said that you have front squatted for a year now. Does that mean you have ditched the back squat for good?

    i recently did that and i am feeling more athletic and my posture is improving, BUT i feel like i should incorporate back squats into my program just because of the fear of missing out on proper strength and mass potential.

    *Am i missing out if i ditch the back squat completely? (i actually dont want to back squat anymore,just need someone to back me up :)


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