Chin Up Bar Workouts

Lately I have been working tons of gymnastic training into
my workouts.

The two main things I’m working to improve are:

#1 – The Handstand

#2 – The Chin-up Bar Lever

There are a TON of benefits to adding these exercises to your
training and I’ll tell you more about it later.

But the main reason why I have personally begun using them
are to increase my “tension strength”.

Inspiration for these workouts have come from guys like Arash
Baboo, Sam Tribble, Little Beastm, Pavel and Al Kavaldo.

In fact it’s been Al Kavaldo’s book “Raising The Bar” that’s
given me most of the ideas I’m using now.

Here is a cool article that Al wrote for another website that I
thought you would find interesting and helpful.

If you’d like, give some of these gymnastic exercises a try this
weekend. They are TOUGH!

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

Here is the link to Al’s article again:

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  1. Creating the Gymnastic Body is a really good book too. I use some of the stuff as assistance exercises front planche progressions and back lever progressions.

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