What your clothes say about you [THIS is scary]

Today is Halloween in the good old U.S of A. 

All the kids dress up in weird, funny or scary costumes and roam the streets looking cute or creepy. 

This morning my kids all tried on their Halloween costumes.  Simone was a peacock, which makes sense since she’s super
colorful, expressive and attention-grabbing. 

Benjamin dressed up like a super hero.  And sure enough he was running around the house, jumping off the couch, and behaving like a crime-stopping bad ass. 

There is NO DOUBT — the clothes make the man! You will FEEL like what you are wearing. 

If you put on devil horns, you’ll feel devilish. 

If you put on angel wings, you’ll feel angelic. 

Today I am going to dress up also.

I’m wearing my Elliott Hulse costume…. the same one I wear every day. 

A green Strength Camp t-shirt, black shorts, and Birkenstocks. 

I call this my uniform, and it’s very significant. When I dress up like Elliott Hulse, I FEEL like Elliott Hulse.

My clothes are symbolic of who I am, what I value and what I do in this world. 

As a NonJobber, I have the freedom to BE who I want to be… and FEEL how I want to feel, because I choose what I want to wear.




It ain’t that way for some of my friends though.  They have to wear stuff that their boss makes them wear.  They have to abide by “dress codes” and always look “professional”…  even if that means putting on clothes they hate.

To me… this alone is a good enough reason to quit your job and become a

But alas, most men in monkey suits will argue that they MUST keep their job because… bills, family, funds and a bunch of other bullsh*t. 

They call it being “responsible”.

I call it being scared.

Look dudes…. it’s Halloween today. Be scared… even better be SCAREY.

Put on YOUR costume. 

Put on clothes that makes YOU feel like YOU.  Clothes that express your genius, your creativity, or your lack of f*cks…

..then, walk into your job and “trick or treat” their asses with your resignation letter.

When you see that confused or confrontational look on their faces… you’ll know that you’ve taken the first step towards freedom.

Freedom of creativity.

Freedom of self expression.

Freedom to do work you love.

Freedom to earn as much as you want.

Freedom to wear whatever the f*ck you want.

Step two… is the leave your old life behind and join The Revolution.

NonJob Revolutionaries —->  sign up here

Today is the last day to join us for the launch discount… and since you’d have just quit your job… I bet you can use the savings.

Lets go: https://www.strengthcamp.co/nonjobsrevolution

Keep Growing,
E Hulse