Coach Spotlight: Elliott Hulse – “Yo Elliott Might Be Back”


I just recently had an interview with Zach Gallmann from “Finding Strength”. He came over to Strength Camp and we had a great talk on many different topics. Among them I also shared something that a lot of you guys are probably very excited for: “Yo Elliott” might be back.

Be sure to read through all the topics because there really are some other jewels of wisdom I share.


Starting off I shared a little bit about the history of Strength Camp and how after moving to our new facility, we built it anew from scratch (only local advertising) which actually went very well even though St. Petersburg is the laziest city in the US.

I told Zach that I still am a Meathead at heart. I simply added Yoga and Breath work to it. So it was an un-layering from an isolated to a holistic perspective. When people nowadays say that I “have gotten weird” I can only say that at the core all of this “weirdness” has been there long before anybody could see it.

My “holistic journey” already started way back in 2002 when I was introduced to Paul Chek. He showed me that the body really is the mind. For example, the whole body language and posture mirrors what is going on in the mind (which really is no rocket science).

Conversing to a different topic, we talked about how my approach to training and conditioning people looked like.

The first thing I look at is WHY the trainee is here. Because even though their “motive” is beyond the training, it heavily influences the training. I know from my own experience that anger and fear can be great fuel but they will take their toll when you take it too far.

And this coaching approach truly is “KING-ing”. As a coach you are a king because you bring “blessings”. You have to be balanced enough within your own life as a coach so that your cup overflows. This makes you an authentic and real leader.

After I went off into this “big picture” question we covered a little more “grass roots dirt question”: How do I assess somebody?

This goes back to the four layers of strength: The most superficial level is neuromuscular strength. To start assessing this level effectively, I am recommending seeing a NUCCA Practitioner. He looks at the upper cervical spine, especially the Atlas alignment (this is the very first vertebrae of the human spine). Therein lies such an important place in the body because at this “gateway” all of the signals to and from your brain have to pass through.

So if your Atlas is out of alignment you can strengthen and stretch till the cows come home – you need to address these issues first. And I am simply consulting people on that which means: I am not the expert. I refer them to the right places so they get the most effective coaching and treatment.

Afterwards we went into my initiations into Yoga. I learnt Bodybuilding and Meditation from the same guy – my uncle Roy. So the foundation was already laid out there. Through my long phase of being YANG to death (doing so much that it burnt me out) through hustling in business, Strongman and providing for my family I came to the point of having to slow down.

Eventually my injuries (tearing my biceps tendon, hernia removal and Achilles tendon injury) forced me to come back to balance and stay in it for the long game. When I finally came to practicing yoga I quickly found out that there was a great portion of kinesthetic (feeling movement) and breath awareness involved with it.

So to me Yoga really is medicine and the YIN-energy to lifting.

We had some topics in between and eventually came to a more “controversial” topic regarding my Grounding Camps. To me there is nothing “controversial” about it. I simply take something from where it is plentiful to where it is lacking. Through the Active Meditation that I teach at these Camps (to learn more all about it, click here) I am shedding light on the integration of body and mind.

We finished with talking about my “winter break”. I am now emerging from the “darkness of winter”. To me there was a lot of growth and resurrection that happened during this “in-going phase”. There is also a great possibility that “Yo Elliott” might be back. Stay tuned for that.


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Thanks again to Zach.